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May 15, 2018POLICY ALERTRescinding Tenant-Occupancy Methodology
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Volume 7 – Adjustment of Status

Part B – 245(a) Adjustment

Chapter 1 – Purpose and Background

Chapter 2 – Eligibility Requirements

Chapter 3 – Unlawful Immigration Status at Time of Filing – INA 245(c)(2)

Chapter 4 – Status and Nonimmigrant Visa Violations – INA 245(c)(2) and INA 245(c)(8)

Chapter 5 – Employment-Based Applicant Not in Lawful Nonimmigrant Status – INA 245(c)(7)

Chapter 6 – Unauthorized Employment – INA 245(c)(2) and INA 245(c)(8)

Chapter 7 – Other Barred Adjustment Applicants

Chapter 8 – Inapplicability of Bars to Adjustment


POLICY ALERTAdjustment of Status Policies and Procedures and 245(a) Adjustment

February 25, 2016

​U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is issuing policy guidance addressing the general policies and procedures of adjustment of status as well as adjustment under section 245(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

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Legal Authorities

  • INA 212(a) - Excludable aliens; classes of aliens ineligible for visas or admission

  • INA 245(a) - Adjustment of status

  • INA 245(c) - Bars to adjustment of status

  • INA 245(i), 8 CFR 245.10 - Adjustment of status of certain aliens physically present in the United States

  • INA 245(k) - Inapplicability of certain provisions for certain employment-based immigrants

  • INA 2458 CFR 245 - Adjustment of status of nonimmigrant to that of person admitted for permanent residence


Current as of August 24, 2018