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Electronic Reading Room

The USCIS Electronic Reading Room provides access to information identified under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). We will update the Electronic Reading Room when documents are requested 3 or more times, or when we proactively identify documents likely requested for release.

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Accessibility Note:
The PDFs from this section of our website may not be fully accessible under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you need assistance, call 800-375-5283 or send a request to with the subject line "FOIA Disability Accommodations." Please include your name, phone number and the document you need to access. A representative from our office will contact you to address your needs.

Approximately 140,000 immigrant visas are available each fiscal year for aliens (and their spouses and children) who seek to immigrate based on their job skills. If you have the right combination of skills, education, and/or work experience and are otherwise eligible, you may be able to live permanently in the United States. The five employment-based immigrant visa preferences (categories) are listed below.
Attain, LLC Modernized DevSecOps and Analytics Services II (MDAS II)
This module describes the main components of an interview for all RAIO adjudications.
This module provides guidelines for adjudicating requests for benefits by victims of trafficking. Issues addressed include indicators that may demonstrate an individual is a victim of trafficking, specific assistance and benefits available to victims of trafficking as well as guidelines for sensitive interview techniques.
This module describes the general factual, legal and analytical considerations involved in constructing legally sufficient decisions.
This module introduces you to the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) and the responsibilities that the Act creates for adjudicating protection claims. The training you receive will also be useful in adjudicating immigration benefits, petitions, and other immigration-related requests. Through reading and discussing country conditions information, you will increase your awareness of religious freedom issues around the world. Through discussion and practical exercises, you will learn how to conduct an interview and adjudicate a claim with a religious freedom issue.
This module provides guidance on gender-related factors you must consider when interviewing and adjudicating claims related to gender, including claims based on violations of societal norms associated with gender.

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