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SAVE Training Directions

SAVE Training Directions

This window contains directions for taking this Web-based training course and is divided into the following sections:

If you are a first-time user of this course, please read the following directions before starting.

Before Starting This Course

Before starting this course, please check that your computer is configured as follows:

  • Web browser requirements
    • IE11 or higher
    • Chrome 56 or higher
    • Firefox 45.7 or higher
    • Safari (all versions)
    • Adobe Flash 10 Player or a higher add-on is installed
  • The recommended screen resolution is 1280 by 800 pixels

Starting a Course Lesson

To start one of the lessons in the tutorial simply select the link from the SAVE Training home page. It is recommended that you view these lessons in the order that their titles appear on the page.

The lesson should start playing and you should hear the narration. In the lower left is a play /  pause button. The graphic below shows the video controls that appear in the menu bar. To adjust the volume, just click the Volume Control and a slider appears. To display the table of contents, click on the Table of Contents button and select the desired navigation point. Click a second time to remove the table of contents display. The closed captions are toggled on and off by pressing the “CC” button.

There are one or more knowledge check questions at the conclusion of each lesson. You have two attempts to answer a question correctly. The purpose of these questions is to confirm your understanding of the information presented in the course. You will need to score 70% or above in each lesson to obtain the Certificate of Completion.

After completing a lesson, you may print a completion certificate and provide it to your local training coordinator for credit in your training transcript.

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