Responses to Formal Recommendations

The Ombudsman makes recommendations to USCIS on how to improve services, increase efficiencies, and provide a more meaningful experience. USCIS takes these recommendations seriously and reviews them thoroughly. Where possible, USCIS implements the Ombudsman’s recommendations; however, due to operational limitations or the priorities of the agency, USCIS may not implement a recommendation made by the Ombudsman. For more information on many of these topics, please visit the OLU Information Room.

Response to Recommendations on Parole for Eligible U Visa Principal and Derivative Petitioners Residing Abroad (PDF, 379 KB)
Response to Recommendations on Special Immigrant Juvenile Adjudications (PDF, 325 KB)
Response to Formal Recommendation Improving the Quality and Consistency in Notices to Appear (PDF, 1.81 MB)
Response to Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman Formal Recommendation 57, " Employment Eligibility for Derivatives of Conrad State 30 Program Physicians (PDF, 957 KB)
USCIS Response to Formal Recommendation (PDF, 3.28 MB)
USCIS Response to Formal Recommendation 55 (PDF, 1.56 MB)
Response to Recommendation 55, Improving the Adjudication of Applications and Petitions
USCIS Response to CISOMB UAC Recommendations (PDF, 2.62 MB)
Ensuring a Fair and Effective Asylum Process for Unaccompanied Children
USCIS Response to Formal Recommendation 53 (PDF, 927 KB)
Response to Recommendation 53, Recommendations Regarding U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services's (USCIS's) Role in the Petition Information Management Service (PIMS)
USCIS Formal Response to Recommendation 52 (PDF, 904 KB)
Response Recommendation 52, Recommendations to Improve the Quality of Responses to Inquiries from Individuals and Employers
USCIS Formal Response 50 (PDF, 436 KB)
Response to Recommendation 50; Employment Authorization for Asylum Applicants: Recommendations to Improve Coordination and Communication