Immigration and Citizenship Data

These reports provide data on various aspects of USCIS operations. In addition, certain tables list the USCIS office responsible for the adjudication.

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Affirmative Asylum Statistics: November 2009-January 2010 (PDF, 42 KB)
Provides data on affirmative asylum office workload by: applications filed, received, and reopened; interviews scheduled, conducted, and cancelled; preliminary decisions; cases adjudicated; cases completed; charging documents served; and cases pending at the end of month. Also provides data on asylum application data by office and leading nationalities.
MPA and PRL Quarterly Report (Fiscal Year 2009: Oct. 1, 2008-Sept. 30, 2009) (PDF, 61 KB)
Provides data on minor principal applicants (MPA) and PRL (asylum applicants of any age filing with USCIS under the initial jurisdiction of the 2008 Wilmer Wilberforce Torture Victims Protection and Reauthorization Act which is abbreviated as TVPRA).