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What kinds of identity theft or fraud will JobLock protect against?

Employment fraud occurs when a job applicant uses false information to gain
employment.  While using fabricated information may harm both the employer
and the state and federal government, using stolen information may also
harm the information’s true owner. Employment fraud can lead to tax liabilities,
inaccurate Social Security records, and many other types of financial and credit fraud.

JobLock will prevent E-Verify from issuing employment authorization to a fraudulent individual, helping to protect JobLock participants from the harmful effects of identity theft and employment fraud.

JobLock will not prevent employment fraud at employers who do not participate in E-Verify.

JobLock will not initiate a credit freeze, implement any other commercially-available theft protection service, nor prevent any government service except E-Verify from using your personal information.


Are there any costs for joining the program?

JobLock – including initial application, participation, and termination – is free for all users.

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