USCIS Citizenship Outreach Collaboration

Since local communities play a critical role in welcoming and assisting immigrants, USCIS works with local, state, and federal partners to help educate immigrants about naturalization and lawful immigration. Through these relationships, we provide information and resources to help facilitate outreach and engagement, training and technical assistance, and citizenship education for communities.

Federal Partners

Institute of Museum and Library Services

We are collaborating with the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to provide information and engagement opportunities, educational materials, and training resources on immigration and citizenship to local libraries and museums.

Municipal Partners

Local communities play an important role in welcoming and assisting immigrants. We have developed a list of resources for municipal governments interested in supporting citizenship education and preventing immigration scams. 

Resources for Organizations

In the Organizations section of the Citizenship Resource Center, you can find ways to work with USCIS to help newcomers assimilate into American civic society.

To support local communities, community-based organizations, employers, libraries, local governments, and museums, we offer a number of useful programs and resources. You will find information on the USCIS grant program, technical assistance, promising practices, and citizenship outreach information.


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