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Regional Center Terminations

We will issue a Notice of Intent to Terminate a regional center’s participation in the Immigrant Investor Program if the regional center:

  • Fails to submit required information to USCIS; or
  • No longer serves the purpose of promoting economic growth.

For our legal authority, see 8 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 204.6(m)(6).

Response Time

USCIS must give a regional center 30 days from the center’s receipt of the Notice of Intent to Terminate (NOIT) to offer evidence opposing the ground or grounds alleged in the notice. See 8 CFR 204.6(m)(6).

Note: A NOIT does not prevent the regional center from continuing to operate. A NOIT is not the same as a Notice of Termination.  Depending on the decision, a NOIT may or may not lead to termination.


We review any response to the NOIT and decide whether to terminate the regional center’s designation.

If we do not terminate the designation, we will notify the regional center through a Notice of Reaffirmation. This notice means that the regional center remains approved to participate in the Immigrant Investor Program.

If we terminate the designation, we will notify the regional center of the reasons through a Notice of Termination of the regional center’s participation in the Immigrant Investor Program.

Appeals and Motions

A terminated regional center may appeal the decision. In addition to, or instead of, filing an appeal, a terminated regional center may file a motion to reopen and reconsider the decision.

For filing information, see 8 CFR 103.3 and 103.5 and visit the Form I-290B, Notice of Appeal or Motion page.

Terminated Regional Centers

A regional center that USCIS has terminated from the EB-5 program may not solicit, generate, or promote investors or investments or otherwise participate as a designated regional center in connection with the Immigrant Investor Program.

An EB-5 investor’s conditional permanent resident status, if already obtained, does not automatically end if that individual has invested in a new commercial enterprise associated with a regional center that USCIS has removed from the program. The investor will still have the opportunity to demonstrate compliance with EB-5 program requirements. For more details on the compliance requirements, visit EB-5 Regional Center Compliance Reviews.

Below is a list of EB-5 regional centers that USCIS has removed from the Immigrant Investor Program. These regional centers no longer appear on the list of Approved EB-5 Immigrant Investor Regional Centers.

Regional Center Name Regional Center ID Termination Date State
List of EB-5 Terminated Regional Centers
5 Starr Regional Center LLC ID1504052589 4/5/2018 Oklahoma
820 Industrial Loop Partners Regional Center ID1101850147 8/13/2019 Texas
A List Partners Regional Center, LLC ID1534453546 8/8/2019 Texas
AAA Florida Senior Living Regional Center, LLC ID1307751110 7/12/2017 Florida
ACIC Management, Inc. Regional Center ID1103150153 5/1/2017 Washington
ADC Colorado Regional Center, LLC ID1419651806 5/1/2018 Colorado
Adirondack Regional Center of New York, LLC ID1411451740 5/24/2017 New York
Advantage America Nevada Regional Center LLC ID1419551804 10/9/2019 Nevada
Advantage America Seattle Regional Center ID1527853356 8/21/2020 Washington
Aero Space Port International Group (ASPI Group) Regional Center* ID1031910123 10/23/2019 Washington
AGC California Regional Center, LLC ID1504952599 10/24/2019 California
AGC New York Regional Center, LLC ID1435352156 11/14/2019 New York
Alabama EB-5 Regional Center, LLC ID1105350165 8/3/2016 Alabama
Alaska Gold & Mining Regional Center, LLC ID1219850705 4/21/2017 Alaska
Alexico Los Angeles Regional Center, LLC ID1425151879 11/15/2019 California
Alexico New York Regional Center, LLC ID1413551757 11/15/2019 New York
All American Investment Holdings, LLC ID1534553608 5/21/2020 California
Allied Artist High Desert EB5 Regional Center ID1210950645 7/12/2017 New Mexico
Altura Regional Center, LLC ID1424551871 4/9/2018 California
Amaxi Regional Center, LLC ID1431651974 5/1/2018 California
AmerAsia EB5 Regional Center SF, LLC ID1518152765 6/7/2018 California
America Best California Development Regional Center, LLC ID1220250711 3/25/2020 California
America California Construction, LLC DBA American California Regional Center ID1509851750 7/23/2020 California
America Commonwealth Regional Center* ID1320351179 5/10/2019 Virginia
America Development Investment Center Regional Center ID1215250673 12/20/2017 Georgia
America's Regional Center, LLC ID1320551181 8/15/2017 Florida
American Ace Development Regional Center, LLC ID1619554361 8/6/2019 New York
American Altin Regional Center ID1224150743 8/8/2018 California
American Bridge Seattle Regional Center, LLC ID1233950829 8/1/2018 Washington
American Development and Investment Regional Center ID1034350086 1/5/2017 California
American Dream Fund Hawaii Regional Center, LLC ID1420251820 11/21/2019 Hawaii
American Dream Fund San Francisco Regional Center, LLC ID1334351326 10/3/2018 California
American EB-5 Centers ID1205950601 9/28/2016 Florida
American Gateway Investments, LLC ID1127050319 6/6/2016 New Jersey
American General Realty Advisors Regional Center ID1106250174 4/20/2018 California
American Immigration Fund Regional Center ID1507252626 3/25/2020 Florida
American International Venture Fund - Oregon, LLC ID1307251106 4/9/2018 Oregon
American Investment Fund Regional Center, LLC ID1510551757 9/17/2020 Washington
American Liberty Alliance ID1332951300 8/6/2019 California
American Life Ventures Everett, LLC ID1031910141 3/9/2015 Washington
American Logistics [International] Regional Center ID1031910121 12/15/2017 California
American National Immigration and Education Center LLC ID1435252134 4/16/2020 District of Columbia
American Opportunities Regional Center, Inc. ID1133450363 2/15/2019 Washington
American Pacific Hotels Regional Center ID1208350617 8/7/2019 California
American Pioneer Regional Center, LLC ID1435852254 3/27/2018 Illinois
American Real Estate Growth Regional Center, LLC ID1628654473 8/6/2019 California
American Real Estate Regional Center, LLC ID1608854289 3/26/2020 New York
American Regional Center-Las Vegas, LLC ID1318651173 3/30/2020 Nevada
American Stone Energy EB5, LLC ID1606454271 8/9/2019 Texas
American YiYo Regional Center ID1217250693 4/12/2018 Georgia
AmericaNow - Philadelphia Metro Regional Center, LLC ID1314051141 8/6/2019 Pennsylvania
Americas Green Card Regional Center* ID1406551698 7/12/2018 Massachusetts
AmerInvest Regional Center West, LLC ID1514652722 7/23/2020 California
Anacostia Regional Center ID1031910104 7/18/2017 District of Columbia
APIC Regional Center California ID1521852844 8/7/2019 California
APIC Regional Center, LLC ID1031910078 8/8/2018 Oregon
ARE Regional Center (MA), LLC ID1621054371 8/6/2019 Massachusetts
Ariel International Regional Center ID1303951082 3/27/2015 Texas
Arizona Alternative Energy Center, LLC ID1113750204 10/6/2016 Arizona
Ark of the Ozarks LLC* ID1508552635 4/5/2018 Arkansas
Arkansas Regional Economic Development Center, LLC ID1232050815 5/16/2017 Arkansas
Arundel Capital Partners ID1204850591 8/29/2017 Massachusetts
Ashcroft/Sullivan/Baybridge Mid-Atlantic Economic Development Center ID1426251890 8/5/2020 Maryland
Atlantic Casino & Entertainment Group Regional Center ID1526752987 8/13/2020 New Jersey
Atlas Regional Center, LLC ID1424151869 8/5/2020 California
BA Regional Center, LLC ID1421151832 8/11/2020 Maryland
Bay Area Regional Center LLC ID1031910105 12/22/2016 California
Benefield California Regional Center, LLC ID1505552609 7/23/2020 California
Best Tire Center Regional Center, LLC ID1628854476 9/12/2019 Texas
Beverly Hills Housing Group, LLC ID1321151183 6/18/2019 California
Big Apple Regional Center ID1408551717 6/21/2019 New York
Birch Miami Dade Regional Center ID1310051121 8/11/2020 Florida
BirchLEAF Miami 31, LLC Regional Center ID1031910170 8/7/2019 Florida
BLMP Florida Healthcare Regional Center, LLC ID1208050614 3/30/2018 Florida
BLT TriState Regional Center LLC ID1415551773 8/8/2019 New York
Brilliant EB-5 Regional Center, LLC ID1635854994 9/30/2020 Nevada
Buffalo Regional Center ID1031910122 2/23/2015 New York
Build America Capital Partners Regional Center LLC ID1127650325 7/31/2018 California
Build America Fund 1, LLC ID1135750422 8/9/2018 California
C Chase Hotel & Resort Regional Center LLC ID1518352769 6/11/2020 Connecticut
C&W Investment Regional Center, LLC ID1513152688 8/7/2019 California
Cal Pacific RC LLC ID1408751718 7/16/2018 California
California Blue Sky Regional Center, LLC ID1315751158 8/29/2017 California
California Bohong Premier Regional Center, LLC ID1520552809 8/7/2019 California
California Bond Finance Regional Center, LLC ID1527553321 4/12/2018 California
California Development Regional Center* ID1202050578 10/23/2017 California
California Economic Development Fund, LLC ID1315451154 9/25/2017 California
California Foreign Investment and Immigration Center, LLC ID1236150923 7/29/2019 California
California Global Alliance Regional Center c/o Lewis C. Nelson & Sons, Inc.* ID1031910108 8/31/2018 California
California International Regional Center LLC ID1201350573 7/10/2018 California
California Investment Immigration Fund, LLC (CIIF) ID1031910133 3/20/2018 California
California Pacific Regional Center, Inc ID1218050698 6/11/2018 California
California Regional Center, LLC ID1031910067 7/12/2016 California
Capital Area Regional Center (CARC) ID1031910117 5/26/2020 District of Columbia
Capital United Regional Center ID1315651157 7/21/2020 New Jersey
Carolina EB-5 RTP Regional Center, LLC ID1215750679 12/20/2018 North Carolina
Caribbean Regional Center, LLC ID1323951202 8/7/2020 Puerto Rico
Central Arizona Regional Center ID1031910200 12/19/2018 Arizona
Central California Regional Center, LLC ID1315151153 4/13/2018 California
Central Texas Properties Regional Center ID1318951174 3/27/2018 Texas
Central Texas Regional Center ID1031910074 8/21/2018 Texas
Charlotte Harbor Regional Center ID1031910198 10/2/2017 Florida
Charter Investor Financial LLC (former name Charter USA Financial LLC) ID1234250845 5/26/2017 Florida
Charter Square Regional Center, LLC ID1217250692 7/10/2018 California
Chen Roberts Regional Center ID1127850329 3/9/2018 Oklahoma
Chicago First Regional Center Inc ID1508452633 2/26/2020 Illinois
Chicago Healthcare Fund Regional Center ID1217350694 6/3/2019 Illinois
Chicago Regional Center ID1131350349 1/5/2016 Illinois
Chicagoland Foreign Investment Group (CFIG) Regional Center* ID1031910114 7/16/2018 Illinois
CIG Regional Center, LLC ID1221250718 6/5/2017 California
Citizens Regional Center of Florida ID1208650618 8/24/2018 Florida
City Connections Regional Center LLC ID1504452594 12/16/2019 New York
City of Miami Regional Center ID1320351178 3/26/2020 Florida
Civitas Alabama Regional Center ID1428851926 9/6/2018 Alabama
Civitas Atlanta Regional Center ID1308751114 9/6/2018 Georgia
Civitas Great Plains Regional Center ID1428051906 9/12/2018 Oklahoma
Civitas Illinois Regional Center* ID1428851921 9/5/2018 Illinois
Civitas Laredo Regional Center, LLC* ID1303051081 9/6/2018 Texas
Civitas Louisiana Regional Center ID1428851924 9/11/2018 Louisiana
Civitas Miami Regional Center, LLC ID1310151122 9/6/2018 Florida
Civitas Michigan Regional Center ID1428051907 9/6/2018 Michigan
Civitas Northern Florida Regional Center ID1428851925 7/23/2020 Florida
Civitas Pacific Northwest Regional Center, LLC (former name Civitas Northwest Regional Center) ID1428851927 7/22/2020 Oregon
Civitas Philadelphia Regional Center ID1333351305 9/12/2018 Pennsylvania
Civitas Rio Grande Regional Center ID1307451109 9/10/2018 Texas
Civitas Washington D.C. Regional Center ID1333351306 9/5/2018 District of Columbia
CMB North Dakota Regional Center ID1500852427 12/5/2019 North Dakota
CMB Virginia Regional Center LLC ID1201250570 4/17/2020 Virginia
Coastal Carolina Regional Center ID1129250339 5/15/2015 South Carolina
Collegiate Regional Center LLC d/b/a Texas Collegiate Regional Center* ID1516252745 5/15/2018 Texas
Colorado Growth Fund, LLC ID1322551194 5/15/2018 Colorado
Colorado Headwaters RC, LLC ID1434352051 5/24/2018 Colorado
Commonweaith of Puerto Rico Regional Center Corporation ID1423751856 4/25/2018 Puerto Rico
Commuter Center Regional Center, LLC ID1611054310 4/20/2020 Washington
Cornerstone Regional Center, Inc. ID1321851186 4/6/2018 Florida
Corsario New York Metro Regional Center, LLC ID1322051188 8/7/2019 New York
Crown Point Regional Center ID1031910013 10/1/2020 Texas
Cypress Regional Center LLC ID1428851920 10/3/2019 California
Dallas Regional Center ID1425951884 5/22/2017 Texas
Detroit Immigrant Investor Regional Center ID1031910239 9/30/2016 Michigan
Diamond City Montana EB-5 Regional Center, LLC ID1324951208 5/10/2017 Montana
Dine' Bi Keyah Regional Center, LLC ID1414751765 2/12/2020 Arizona
Discovery Florida, LLC ID1507652627 8/6/2020 Florida
Discovery Northeast, LLC ID1507652628 8/6/2020 New Jersey
Diversified Global Investment, LLC ID1226450765 1/30/2018 Georgia
DMI Real Estate Chicago, LLC ID1300751054 4/29/2020 Illinois
Dominion Mid-Atlantic Associates, Inc. ID1135450410 10/20/2016 Virginia
DRC Capital Partners, LLC ID1234850857 5/1/2017 Arizona
Dream Harbor Regional Center ID1216750688 6/1/2017 Washington
Dynasty Group Regional Center, LLC ID1409851724 3/24/2020 Washington
E Development Corporation dba EDC ID1223650739 10/15/2018 Island of Guam
E&W Lake Tahoe Regional Center LLC ID1225150755 5/1/2017 California
Eagle Bay Regional Center, LLC ID1304251085 8/6/2019 California
East Coast Prime Regional Center, LLC ID1636255058 8/13/2019 New York
East Coast Renewable Regional Center, LLC ID1105950170 4/9/2018 New Jersey
East Plumas County Regional Center, LLC ID1322151191 5/22/2017 California
East West Global Regional Center ID1421051829 11/20/2019 California
East West Regional Center, LLC ID1431751977 8/6/2019 New York
EB-5 Ameri-Holdings, LLC ID1107350177 8/13/2019 Georgia
EB-5 Fund CA, Inc. ID1511952680 12/28/2017 California
EB-5 Regional Center Florida, LLC ID1209550637 12/27/2017 Florida
EB-5 South Florida Regional Center, LLC ID1108950189 8/3/2016 Florida
EB-5, MRC LLC ID1031910165 6/9/2015 Michigan
EB5 Capital - Texas Regional Center ID1435852255 1/23/2020 Texas
EB5 Express Regional Center ID1118250239 5/18/2017 California
EB5 Affiliate Network State of Hawaii Regional Center, LLC ID1421751840 7/22/2020 Hawaii
EB5 Affiliate Network State of Nevada Regional Center, LLC ID1404251678 8/20/2020 Nevada
EB5 Group New York Regional Center, LLC ID1507152625 7/10/2020 New York
EB5 International, LLC ID1424051866 8/19/2020 California
EB5 International II, LLC ID1424051867 1/31/2020 California
EB5 International III LLC ID1517752760 8/18/2020 Washington
EB5 Memphis Regional Center, LLC ID1234150838 2/26/2018 Tennessee
EB5 Regional Center of America LLC ID1406351696 8/7/2019 New York
EB5 Visa Fund LLC ID1205250593 4/29/2020 Florida
EB5 West LLC ID1210850644 7/22/2020 Washington
Economic Development & Investment Group LLLP ID1502352569 4/29/2020 California
Ecorntech Regional Center ID1031910120 8/15/2014 Wisconsin
Education Fund SW Regional Center ID1524552892 5/21/2020 Arizona
Eight Islands Regional Center, LLC ID1221350720 5/3/2017 Hawaii
El Monte Regional Center ID1031910138 9/19/2011 California
Encore Alabama/Florida Regional Center ID1218450701 4/3/2018 Alabama
Encore Boston RC, LLC ID1225550759 4/18/2018 Massachusetts
Encore Colorado RC, LLC ID1225550758 9/24/2018 Colorado
Encore Georgia Regional Center, LLC ID1327351225 8/7/2019 Georgia
Encore Louisiana Regional Center ID1218450700 6/24/2019 Louisiana
Encore Midwest Regional Center, LLC ID1334651334 8/6/2019 Illinois
Encore New York/New Jersey Regional Center, LLC ID1225550760 8/6/2019 New York
Encore Pennsylvania RC, LLC (EPRC) ID1329151237 8/20/2018 Pennsylvania
Encore Raleigh/Durham Regional Center ID1201850576 4/2/2018 North Carolina
Encore S. CA RC, LLC ID1222950734 4/18/2018 California
Encore Wash D.C. RC, LLC ID1222950733 5/25/2018 District of Columbia
Encore Washington/Oregon Regional Center, LLC ID1330251254 4/18/2018 Washington
Energize-ECI EB-5 Visa Regional Center ID1114750218 5/9/2018 Indiana
Excelsior EB-5 Regional Center LLC ID1513852713 6/26/2020 New York
F2E Regional Center, LLC ID1512452681 5/1/2020 Colorado
Fairhaven Capital Advisors Regional Center ID1526552953 3/26/2020 Alaska
Fairhaven Capital Advisors Regional Center ID1521052820 3/26/2020 California
Fairhaven Capital Advisors Regional Center ID1524452886 3/26/2020 Florida
Fairhaven Capital Advisors Regional Center ID1527553330 8/24/2020 Georgia
Fairhaven Capital Advisors Regional Center ID1526552952 9/10/2020 Hawaii
Fairhaven Capital Advisors Regional Center ID1534153516 4/29/2020 New York
Fairhaven Capital Advisors Regional Center ID1524652894 3/26/2020 Oregon
Fairhaven Capital Advisors Regional Center (FCARC) ID1521652840 7/25/2019 Colorado
Faustus Capital LLC* ID1212850652 5/24/2018 California
First American Redevelopment Regional Center ID1525152898 8/5/2020 California
First American Regional Center, LLC ID1505652611 8/14/2017 California
Florida Capital Group Regional Center ID1503652585 6/25/2020 Florida
Florida East Coast EB5 Regional Center LLC (former name United States Growth Fund, LLC) ID1228650784 4/10/2018 Florida
Florida East Coast Regional Center, LLC ID1232550818 12/20/2017 Florida
Florida Gateway Regional Center, LLC ID1115750228 4/12/2017 Florida
FreeMind Films Regional Center ID1031910062 3/15/2017 California
Front Burner Restaurants Regional Center - Southern California ID1323551198 5/14/2015 California
Front Range Regional Center, Inc. ID1410851739 6/3/2019 Colorado
Future American Now Regional Center, LLC ID1504252592 8/8/2019 Florida
Future Resources, Inc. ID1418351796 8/15/2018 California
FutureCare Regional Center of Southern California, Inc. ID1223550738 5/30/2017 California
G&CW Regional Center, LLC ID1310651124 8/6/2019 New York
G.R.E.E.N. Regional Center ID1332351288 4/2/2018 New Jersey
Gardens Regional Center, LLC ID1135450411 5/15/2018 Florida
Gateway America Regional Center ID1628754475 8/7/2019 New York
Gateway Georgia Regional Center ID1207950613 9/29/2014 Georgia
Gateway to the Midwest Investment Center, Inc. ID1105350166 9/16/2020 Missouri 
Genesis Regional Center, LLC ID1531653430 1/31/2020 California
Global America Regional Center ID1421251835 4/27/2018 California
Global Century (Houston) ID1031910139 4/12/2018 Texas
Global Investment Consulting, Inc. ID1109850194 5/3/2016 Indiana
Global Medical Center of Southern California ID1234850858 9/25/2017 California
Golden Gateway Regional Center LLC ID1722755591 4/8/2020 California
Golden Shores Regional Center ID1634254629 9/3/2019 California
Golden State Economic Development Fund, LLC ID1317151167 12/6/2018 California
Golden State Northern California Agriculture Development, LLC ID1527253056 6/3/2020 California
Golden State Southern California Agriculture Development LLC ID1433752013 5/7/2020 California
Golden Sun Development Regional Center ID1509751747 1/31/2020 Washington
Good Life EB5 Georgia Regional Center, LLC ID1409951725 6/30/2017 Georgia
Great Ocean Regional Center* ID1311251127 7/30/2018 Washington
Great Southern Regional Center ID1235550908 8/11/2020 Georgia
Greater Houston Investment Center, LLC ID1215350674 1/26/2018 Texas
Greater New York Business Regional Center ID1504252591 8/8/2019 New York
Green Card Gateway Regional Center ID1136450473 3/30/2017 Illinois
Green Energy Partners Central Wisconsin Regional Center, LP ID1234950861 8/7/2019 Wisconsin
Guam Strategic Development LLC RC ID1031910094 7/7/2017 Guam
Gulf Coast Funds Management, LLC* ID1031910101 8/30/2018 Mississippi
Gulf Coast SW Regional Center, LLC ID1534353535 7/21/2020 Florida
Hana Financial Regional Center ID1418151791 8/21/2020 California
Harris Investment Immigration Fund, LLC ID1115250221 7/13/2016 California
Harris Real Estate Fund LLC ID1115250222 7/13/2016 Arizona
Hawaii Investment Funds, LLC ID1606054266 4/20/2020 Hawaii
Hawaii Investor Regional Center Corp. ID1611854316 4/2/2020 Hawaii
Hawaiian Palms Regional Center ID1501452495 8/7/2019 Hawaii
Health and Welfare EB-5 Regional Center, LLC ID1511051764 7/23/2020 Pennsylvania
Heartland Regional Center, LLC ID1420651826 6/1/2020 Pennsylvania
Hidalgo McAllen Reynosa Regional Center, LLC ID1115450224 4/26/2016 Texas
High Stone Regional Center, LLC ID1435652188 4/9/2018 Connecticut
Hollywood Beach Regional Center ID1034250075 10/8/2014 Florida
Home Paradise Texas Regional Center, LLC ID1526452944 4/17/2018 Texas
Howard Hughes Hawaii Regional Center, LLC ID1420551825 4/20/2020 Hawaii
Howard Hughes New York Regional Center, LLC ID1420951827 10/16/2019 New York
HS Regional Center, LLC ID1520852813 10/8/2020 California
Huana Group (U.S.), Inc. ID1509751748 11/14/2019 California
Idaho Global Investment Center, LLC ID1031910054 3/6/2017 Idaho
Idaho State Regional Center LLC ID1031910172 7/2/2018 Idaho
Illinois Valley Regional Center ID1229150787 8/10/2017 Illinois
Immigration Funds LLC (former name United States Investors Regional Center) ID1127250324 5/22/2017 Massachusetts
Imperial Regional Center ID1031910134 9/24/2020 California
Index Regional Center ID1502852578 8/7/2019 Florida
Inland Gateway Regional Center, Inc. ID1433052003 12/6/2019 California
Intercontinental Regional Center Trust of Chicago ID1031910085 11/20/2013 Illinois
Invest Midwest Regional Center (former name Civitas Indiana Regional Center) ID1224350746 8/21/2018 Indiana
Invest US Regional Center ID1031910206 9/29/2014 Wyoming
Iowa Department of Economic Development (IDED) ID1031910153 4/19/2018 Iowa
Ironstate Regional Center, LLC ID1504152590 8/7/2019 Pennsylvania
IZON, LLC ID1410851738 8/17/2017 South Carolina
JI Northern Nevada Regional Center, LLC ID1232650820 6/5/2017 Nevada
K-Stone LLC ID1627254428 8/6/2019 Pennsylvania
Kansas BioFuel Regional Center LLC ID1031910150 8/15/2014 Kansas
L Global Regional Center, LLC ID1225050753 8/20/2018 California
L&L New York Regional Center, LLC ID1326351216 2/11/2020 New York
LA Yucaipa Regional Center, LLC ID1605054255 7/28/2020 California
Lake Buena Vista RC ID1031910135 7/23/2012 Florida
Lake Elsinore Regional Center ID1133650366 9/29/2016 California
Lakewood Regional Center ID1031910098 12/20/2017 Washington
Land of Sky Regional Center, LLC ID1405751692 4/29/2020 North Carolina
Landmark Regional Center, LLC ID1636255009 9/9/2019 New York
Landy Resources Management, LLC ID1432551993 5/1/2018 North Dakota
Lansing Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) Regional Center ID1031910174 1/23/2018 Michigan
Las Vegas EB-5 Inmigration, LLC ID1031910077 6/14/2017 Nevada
LaSalle County Business Development Center LLC ID1031910115 5/4/2015 Illinois
LCR Atlantic Gulf Regional Center ID1434252047 4/20/2020 Georgia
Leaf Fischer Investment Group, LLC ID1123750276 3/6/2017 Florida
Liberty EB5 Regional Center ID1430151944 5/1/2018 Pennsylvania
Liberty Investment Center LLC ID1506852619 8/6/2019 Illinois
Liberty Kansas Regional Center ID1327351224 4/29/2020 Missouri
Liberty Minnesota Regional Center ID1319651177 8/7/2019 Minnesota
Liberty Regional Investment Center ID1528853380 8/6/2019 Georgia
Liberty South Regional Center ID1102850152 1/19/2018 Arkansas
Liberty West Regional Center ID1031910021 4/19/2017 Arizona
LIGTT Regional Center* ID1221550724 4/18/2018 Louisiana
Liongate Regional Center, LLC ID1504852597 4/27/2018 Washington
Live in America - Arizona Regional Center, LLC ID1326751219 8/18/2017 Arizona
Live in America - Boston Regional Center LLC ID1230350794 8/18/2017 Massachusetts
Live in America - Colorado Regional Center LLC ID1326251214 9/7/2018 Colorado
Live in America - Florida, LLC ID1210850642 8/18/2017 Florida
Live in America - Georgia Regional Center LLC ID1329551241 8/18/2017 Georgia
Live in America - Indiana, Michigan, Ohio Regional Center ID1331851282 8/18/2017 Indiana
Live in America - Midwest Regional Center, LLC ID1331051266 8/18/2017 Minnesota
Live in America - Missouri/Kansas Regional Center LLC ID1411951743 11/22/2019 Kansas
Live in America - Nevada Regional Center, LLC ID1326251215 8/18/2017 Nevada
Live in America - Northwest Regional Center, LLC ID1316351159 6/16/2020 Oregon
Live in America - Philadelphia Regional Center LLC ID1231350801 7/22/2020 Pennsylvania
Live in America - U.S. Virgin Islands Regional Center LLC ID1331051267 8/18/2017 U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI)
Live in America Chicago Regional Center, LLC ID1314851147 8/18/2017 Illinois
Lone Star EB-5 Regional Center ID1501252442 12/5/2019 Texas
Louisiana Mississippi Regional Center ID1031910130 5/13/2015 Louisiana
Luca Energy Fund Regional Center ID1031910023 2/2/2016 Texas
Luichi, Inc. ID1334751342 11/21/2019 Nevada
M5 Venture Silicon Valley RC LLC ID1534553584 8/6/2019 California
M5 Venture Southern California RC, LLC ID1534553614 8/6/2019 California
Mag Ventures 1, LLC ID1408051712 9/11/2018 Ohio
Mainsail Florida Regional Center ID1527453300 8/6/2019 Florida
Mamtek Regional Center ID1105950169 4/11/2012 Missouri
Manchester Pacific Regional Center ID1334751343 3/28/2018 California
Manhattan CBD Development Regional Center, LLC ID1527453316 3/19/2020 New York
Manhattan Empire State Regional Center, LLC ID1627154424 8/6/2019 New York
Mariana Stones Corporation Ltd. ID1336551551 5/15/2017 Guam
Mariana's Investment Co, LLC ID1234550849 10/27/2016 Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands
Marianas EB5 Regional Center* ID1202050579 5/29/2018 Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands
Maryland Area Regional Center, LLC ID1033650019 1/23/2018 Maryland
Massachusetts Wealth and Happiness Regional Center, Inc. ID1326651217 9/12/2019 Massachusetts
McCormick Regional Center LLC ID1520852812 8/6/2019 Washington
MCFI - Northern California, LLC ID1509352639 11/19/2019 California
MCFI Mississippi / Louisiana ID1511452671 11/14/2019 Mississippi
MCFI Nevada ID1508352631 5/12/2020 Nevada
MCFI New York / New Jersey / Connecticut ID1513152686 11/20/2019 New York
MCFI Pennsylvania LLC ID1511952679 11/19/2019 Pennsylvania
MCFI Southern California / Arizona ID1509651744 11/14/2019 California
MCIG Regional Center ID1134850390 3/29/2016 Florida
Medical Investment in Texas Regional Center ID1136450472 1/23/2017 Texas
Miami Regional Center, LLC ID1318451170 8/8/2019 Florida
Michigan Renaissance Regional Center ID1135450412 8/15/2014 Michigan
Michigan-Indiana EB-5 Regional Center ID1120750247 3/29/2018 Michigan
Mid America Investment Group, LLC ID1428851919 8/6/2019 Arkansas
MidPeninsula Regional Investment Center, LLC ID1323851201 9/14/2020 California
Mid-America Renaissance Regional Center, LLC ID1634454662 8/18/2020 Missouri
Mid Atlantic Regional EB5 Regional Center LLC ID1134150373 11/9/2016 West Virginia
Middle Georgia Regional Center ID1031910015 5/4/2016 Georgia
Midwest EB-5 Regional Center, LLC ID1031910178 2/13/2015 Kentucky
Midwest Investment Fund, LLC ID1634854720 2/5/2019 Indiana
Midwest Regional Center, Inc. ID1234250846 4/5/2018 Kentucky
Mile High Regional Center ID1627454447 4/3/2020 Colorado
Mirzam Investor Green Card Regional Center ID1031910186 8/7/2019 Florida
Montana Energy Regional Center LLC (former name USA Montana Energy Regional Center) ID1131850351 11/1/2016 Montana
Montana Real Estate EB-5 Regional Center, LLC ID1626654417 7/23/2020 Montana
MW International LLC ID1403751675 1/31/2020 California
My Life Atlanta Regional Center, LLC ID1635754938 10/14/2020 Georgia
My Life California and Nevada, LLC ID1635754939 4/6/2020 California
MZH Capital Partners, Inc. ID1533653487 3/18/2020 New Jersey
National Regional Center, LLC ID1634954740 8/7/2019 California
NationSure, LLC ID1627354433 6/15/2020 New York
NatureAll Co., Inc. EB-5 Regional Center ID1402251659 5/15/2017 New Jersey
Nevada California Regional Center ID1031910063 4/21/2015 Nevada
Nevada Development Fund LLC ID1236250926 7/12/2018 Nevada
Nevada First Regional Center, LLC ID1531653432 2/26/2020 Nevada
Nevada Regional Center Enterprises ID1404551685 8/6/2019 Nevada
New Energy Horizons Regional Center ID1031910060 4/12/2018 California
New England Center for Business Development, LLC ID1317051166 9/30/2019 Maine
New Genesis Gulf South Regional Center, LLC ID1513252705 7/22/2020 Louisiana
New Jersey Center for Foreign Investment, LLC ID1306651101 3/30/2020 New Jersey
New Jersey Liberty Regional Center ID1127750327 5/15/2015 New Jersey
New Jersey Regional Center, LLC ID1031910129 3/9/2015 New Jersey
New Orleans' Mayor's Office RC ID1031910151 2/27/2018 Louisiana
New Sun EB-5 Regional Center, LLC ID1609954298 8/7/2019 California
New York Green Hotel Regional Center LLC ID1408551715 5/1/2017 New York
New York Pioneer Regional Center ID1323851200 5/3/2017 New York
New York Renaissance Regional Center, LLC ID1435352163 4/8/2020 New York
New York Tri-State Regional Center, LLC ID1221250719 11/18/2019 New York
Next Bay Properties, LLC ID1031910043 10/1/2015 California
Noblemen Regional Center ID1632354545 4/20/2020 Washington
North America Wind Power LLC ID1228450781 3/25/2020 California
North American Center for Foreign Investments, LLC ID1330351255 5/1/2017 California
North American Regional Center ID1309151117 8/2/2018 New Jersey
North Atlantic Regional Center, LLC ID1420251819 5/1/2018 New York
North Carolina Center for Foreign Investments, LLC ID1031910116 12/3/2013 North Carolina
North Country EB-5 Regional Center, LLC ID1031910051 7/7/2017 New York
Northeast EB5 Regional Center, LLC ID1635654884 8/7/2019 New York
Northeast Monument Regional Center LLC ID1413651758 6/20/2017 Massachusetts
Northeast Ohio Regional Center ID1031910111 7/18/2018 Ohio
Northern Illinois Regional Center ID1031910004 10/13/2016 Illinois
Northern Mississippi Regional Center, LLC ID1226150762 9/7/2018 Mississippi
NuNebraska Regional Center, LLC ID1034750126 3/26/2020 Nebraska
Ohio Lakeside Regional Investment Center ID1413251753 5/1/2018 Ohio
Ohio Regional Center, LLC ID1221450722 5/21/2017 Ohio
Omega Puerto Rico Regional Center, LLC ID1210850641 2/15/2018 Puerto Rico
ON Regional Center, LLC ID1421351837 3/30/2020 California
One World Development Fund, Inc. ID1520252794 4/12/2018 Texas
Onefire Healthcare Services, LLC d.b.a. Onefire Regional Center ID1514052718 9/24/2019 Oklahoma
Optima Arizona Regional Center, LLC ID1219950708 5/3/2017 Arizona
Pacific Coast Regional Center ID1114750219 10/30/2019 California
Pacific Investment & Immigration Regional Center ID1430451949 8/7/2019 California
Pacific Northwest Regional Center ID1031910075 4/5/2018 Washington
Pacific Proton Therapy Regional Center, LLC ID1034350098 1/26/2017 California
Pacific Viniculture ID1407151704 3/22/2018 Washington
Pacific West Economic and Development Center LLLP ID1604754251 8/7/2020 California
Paradise City Funding Regional Center, LLC ID1626454414 9/15/2020 New York
Palm Beach Raceway LLC ID1208650619 5/31/2016 Florida
Palm Coast Florida Regional Center ID1031910109 3/18/2015 Florida
Pan Enterprises Regional Center ID1625854410 8/6/2019 California
Pan-Pacific Regional Center ID1418251795 4/8/2020 California
Paramount Regional Center, LLC ID1432551995 8/8/2019 California
PetroSam, LLC ID1410451732 5/1/2017 Texas
Phoenix & Dragon LLC ID1635754953 10/7/2019 Connecticut
Pocono EB-5 Regional Center LLC ID1615854330 9/3/2019 Pennsylvania
Powerdyne Regional Center, LLC ID1215250671 8/2/2017 California
Pride Capital, LLC ID1634454657 3/25/2020 New York
Prosperity Regional Center (former name U.S. Prosperity Regional Center) ID1125250304 6/23/2017 Florida
Puerto Rico Provident Regional Center, LLC ID1324951209 8/7/2019 Puerto Rico
Puget Sound RC, LLC ID1219250703 5/3/2017 Washington
Queens Fort New York Regional Center, LLC ID1429551937 3/28/2018 New York
QueensFort Capital California Regional Center, LLC ID1501452491 4/12/2018 California
Queensfort Capital Massachusetts Regional Center, LLC ID1430751952 3/29/2018 Massachusetts
QueensFort Capital Texas Regional Center, LLC ID1505552610 4/27/2018 Texas
RCI Arizona Regional Center, LLC ID1334651335 3/30/2020 Arizona
Regency Regional Center, LLC ID1324251205 3/15/2018 California
Regional Center Fund of America LLC ID1410751737 1/24/2020 District of Columbia
Regional Economic Development & Investment Group ID1213250653 4/5/2018 California
Related California Regional Center ID1534553585 4/9/2020 California
Related Chicago Metro Regional Center ID1534553604 4/16/2020 Wisconsin
Related Florida Regional Center ID1534553592 4/9/2020 Florida
Renewable Texas Energy Regional Center ID1310651125 4/20/2020 Texas
Reside in America Puerto Rico, LLC ID1304651087 5/1/2018 Puerto Rico
Resource Regional Center Michigan, LLC ID1222650730 8/31/2016 Michigan
Retail Equity Partners Regional Center Texas, LLC ID1636255032 8/7/2019 Texas
RGV EB-5 Regional Center ID1034250076 7/10/2018 Texas
Rio Grande Regional Investment Center, LLC ID1333351307 6/18/2020 New Mexico
Rock Hill Regional Center LLC ID1209650638 6/1/2017 New York
Rocky Mountain High Regional Center ID1031910095 10/9/2020 Colorado
Rosti Capital Regional Center ID1033650022 7/17/2017 California
Rota EB5 Regional Center ID1323551199 6/21/2018 Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands
RZ International Virginia Regional Center ID1417651788 3/17/2020 Virginia
SAA Cedisus EB-5 Projects - SW Indiana Regional Center, LLC ID1529453390 4/18/2018 Indiana
Saipan Regional Investment Center, LLC ID1418451797 8/1/2018 Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands
San Diego Regional Investment Center, LLC ID1235650914 11/16/2018 California
San Francisco Regional Center* ID1034850135 2/13/2019 California
San Gabriel Valley Regional Center ID1034350081 3/15/2017 California
Savannah World Trade Center for Investment, LLC ID1429451935 7/28/2020 Georgia
Seattle Metro Regional Center LLC ID1128050331 10/1/2020 Washington
Sierra Air Center Development, LLC ID1205250592 1/8/2020 California
Silicon Valley California Regional Center ID1031910022 3/26/2020 California
Silicon Valley Venture Investment Regional Center ID1031910175 2/25/2015 California
Silver State Regional Center LLC ID1318951175 4/11/2018 Nevada
SOBE EB5 Regional Center, LLC ID1210050640 8/7/2019 Florida
SoCal Regional Center, LLC ID1331251276 8/18/2017 California
South Atlantic Regional Center (SARC) ID1031910182 12/10/2019 Florida
South Carolina Global Regional Center ID1608254283 3/26/2020 South Carolina
South Dakota International Business Institute (SDIBI)* ID1031910140 5/11/2018 South Dakota
South East Los Angeles Regional Center (SELARC) ID1031910145 12/15/2017 California
South Florida EB-5 Regional Center ID1207250612 8/15/2014 Florida
South Pacific Regional Center, LLC ID1424851877 3/29/2018 Hawaii
South Texas EB-5 Regional Center, LLC ID1335051351 3/27/2018 Texas
South West Bio Fuel RC LLC ID1031910147 9/29/2014 Texas
Southeastern Higher Education Regional Center ID1031910087 1/2/2018 South Carolina
Southern California EB-5 Regional Center, LLC ID1424751876 1/9/2020 California
Southern California Investment Center, LLC ID1034350102 8/10/2017 California
Southern California Investments Regional Center ID1517452757 8/7/2019 California
Southern Film Regional Center, LLC ID1031910053 8/6/2019 Georgia
Southwest Florida Regional Center, LLC* ID1436352267 5/25/2017 Florida
Southwest Kansas Regional Center ID1221250717 2/1/2018 Kansas
SPG Regional Center, LLC ID1402751662 4/26/2018 California
Spring Hill Homes LP Regional Center ID1229350789 10/22/2015 Texas
State of Maine EB-5 Regional Center, LLC ID1534353536 2/6/2020 Maine
State of Michigan EB-5 Regional Center, LLC ID1401451652 6/9/2020 Michigan
Stonehenge Regional Center, LLC ID1535053661 6/18/2020 Texas
SunCapital Texas Regional Center ID1709655479 6/9/2020 Texas
Sunshine State EB5 Regional Center ID1300751052 5/4/2020 Florida
SZNW ID1222050729 5/28/2015 California
Tacoma EB 5 Regional Center ID1114550209 5/2/2018 Washington
TBC Washington DC Area Regional Center, LLC ID1310651123 4/6/2018 District of Columbia
Tennessee Regional Center, LLC ID1031910190 5/7/2015 Tennessee
Texas Expanse, LLC ID1623854395 8/9/2019 Texas
Texas First Regional Center, LLC ID1501552525 6/25/2020 Texas
Texas Golden Pacific , LLC ID1224950751 11/18/2019 Texas
Texas Mining & Resource Center, LLC ID1430151945 6/20/2017 Texas
The Lawrence Economic Development Corporation ID1410051727 6/7/2016 Ohio
The Mid-American Regional Center, LLC ID1323951203 8/30/2018 Indiana
The New Mexico Regional Center ID1304651088 3/5/2020 New Mexico
The Z Global Corporation Regional Center ID1034350095 5/16/2017 California
TLQ Partnership, LLC ID1517752762 5/27/2020 California
Tri-Cities Investment District, LLC ID1116450229 6/30/2017 California
TriHaven Investment Group Southern California ID1514952731 4/3/2020 California
TriHaven Investment Group, Northern California f/k/a Deictic Investment Group ID1435252133 11/18/2019 California
Tucker Development Corporation Regional Center ID1034250065 2/23/2015 Michigan
Twin Development LLC Regional Center ID1031910168 12/8/2015 Washington
U.S. Gateway Regional Center, LLC ID1211150648 8/8/2019 California
U.S. Immigration Fund - FL ID1236250924 7/23/2020 Florida
U.S. Investment Regional Center, LLC ID1422351848 2/22/2016 Arizona
U.S. Virgin Islands Regional Center LLC ID1419651807 8/6/2019 U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI)
Unibex Global Corporation ID1031910224 5/30/2008 Texas
US EB5 Florida Regional Center ID1034750109 5/9/2016 Florida
US EB5 Nevada Regional Center, LLC ID1034750106 5/12/2016 Nevada
US EB5 New York City Regional Center ID1034750108 7/13/2016 New York
US Freedom Capital-Texas, LLC ID1229850791 9/18/2018 Texas
US HITEC Regional Center ID1034750120 5/4/2015 Illinois
USA Lifestyles Regional Center ID1034750122 10/13/2015 Maine
USA Now Regional Center ID1031910031 3/28/2014 Texas
USA ODI Regional Center, LLC ID1418851801 3/20/2018 Maryland
USA Regional Center, LLC ID1234850859 5/15/2017 California
USHoldings Regional Center* ID1201150567 9/24/2018 South Carolina
Utah Invest Regional Center, LLC ID1111650201 7/3/2018 Utah
Valley Inception Regional Center ID1122050268 4/6/2020 California
Vegas Regional Center, LLC ID1625654407 8/7/2019 Nevada
Velocity Regional Center ID1031910183 3/24/2016 California
Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development ID1031910148 7/3/2018 Vermont
Victorville RC ID1031910251 10/20/2010 California
Virginia Center for Foreign Investment and Job Creation ID1111850202 9/29/2016 Virginia
WAHA EB-5 Regional Center of New Orleans, LLC ID1526452943 6/18/2020 Louisiana
Wasatch Front Regional Center, LLC ID1635654883 3/20/2020 Utah
Washington Center for Foreign Investment, LLC ID1129250337 3/28/2017 Maryland
Washington Development Regional Center ID1206950610 6/17/2016 Washington
Washington EB-5 Regional Center, LLC ID1427951905 12/4/2019 Washington
Washington Foreign Investment Management Group, LLC ID1334751341 4/26/2018 Washington
Washington Free Life ID1524352881 4/9/2020 Washington
Washington State Regional Center ID1133950369 7/31/2018 Washington
West Virginia EB-5 Regional Center, LLC ID1420351824 10/30/2019 West Virginia
Westgate Orlando Regional Center, LLC ID1313351136 5/1/2017 Florida
White Lotus Group Regional Center ID1413351755 6/26/2018 Nebraska
Woodmont Regional Center, LLC ID1302851079 8/12/2019 New Mexico
WRC EB-5 Regional Center, Inc. ID1215250670 4/13/2016 Washington
Y & L Enterprises LLC ID1720655582 3/18/2020 Iowa
Yellowstone Montana Regional Center, LLC ID1111050198 9/28/2016 Montana
York Resources RC Funding, LLC ID1519452782 9/4/2019 New York
Zhielo, LLC ID1609754296 8/8/2019 Florida
Zhonghong Regional Center LLC ID1408351714 10/16/2019 California

An asterisk (*) next to a regional center’s name means that the decision to remove the regional center from the Immigrant Investor Program is currently pending before the USCIS Administrative Appeals Office on appeal or certification (PDF, 125.43 KB).

A regional center that USCIS has removed from the EB-5 program may not solicit, generate, or promote investors or investments for any other EB-5-related projects, or otherwise participate in the Immigrant Investor Program.

We provide this page for informational purposes only. USCIS plans to update this page periodically but makes no claims that the published list of terminated regional centers is complete, timely or accurate. Any use or reliance on the information provided is strictly at your own risk. Please see USCIS Website Policies for further information.

This page does not represent a legal notice or investment advice of any kind. Potential investors should always do their own research and consult with a financial professional before making any investment decision. USCIS has issued a joint advisory with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Investor Alert: Investment Scams Exploit Immigrant Investor Program. The SEC offers free investor education materials. For more information, visit

Official regional center points of contact can request updates to this page by email at or by mail:

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131 M Street NE, Mailstop 2235
Washington, DC 20529

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