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New Streamlined Process for Submitting Information Used in USCIS VIBE

The independent information provider (IIP) for USCIS' Validation Instrument for Business Enterprises (VIBE) program has launched a new streamlined online process for certain USCIS petitioners and other U.S. government customers seeking to submit information about their organizations into VIBE's database.

The IIP, Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), launched the process on Dec. 9, 2011, enabling eligible petitioners to update their company or organization information via D&B's iUpdate for U.S. government customers Web page.

VIBE is a Web-based adjudication tool used by USCIS to validate basic information about companies or organizations petitioning to employ certain alien workers.

Please note that USCIS does not expect or require petitioners to contact D&B. However, certain USCIS customers filing employment-based petitions that qualify for VIBE may, at no cost, use the iUpdate link to contact D&B to create, update and view basic elements of their organization¿s D&B record, without being subjected to direct marketing from D&B.

The new process is available for U.S.-based, privately held companies only.

U.S.-based publicly traded companies, government entities and foreign companies can still create, update or view their report by contacting D&B at, but may be subjected to direct marketing from the firm. Note that entities updating their information through the D&B website may encounter D&B representatives who may suggest a purchase of the firm's products and services.

USCIS does not endorse D&B or its products or services, and does not in any way suggest that anyone purchase products or services from the firm in order to ensure that information is complete. Additionally, USCIS does not in any way suggest that fees be paid in order to expedite the creation of a new record or to update an existing record.

iUpdate for U.S. government customers is a free, password-protected and encrypted online service tool offered by D&B. Its users will be asked a series of short challenge questions, based on geographical and demographic data, for the purpose of authenticating and establishing an ID and password. Only those with access to your established ID and password will be able to access your business¿ or organization¿s information.

The information displayed in iUpdate for U.S. government customers contains essentially the same data that is shared with USCIS via the VIBE system, and will allow petitioners to know how their business or organization will be presented in VIBE before they file a petition with USCIS.

To maintain accuracy of significant business information, D&B requires that certain change requests be verified by a third party prior to official entry into the D&B system. If verification cannot be confirmed, the change request will be denied. This policy exists to protect companies and organizations from possible identity theft and fraud.

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