Both the special parole policy for arriving Cuban nationals, commonly known as the “wet foot/dry foot” policy, and the Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program expired on January 12, 2017. Read the announcement on the DHS website. The Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program remains in effect.

USCIS provides a number of humanitarian programs and protection to assist individuals in need of shelter or aid from disasters, oppression, emergency medical issues and other urgent circumstances.

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Re-Registration Period Opens for Syrians with Temporary Protected Status
Current beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) under Syria’s designation who want to maintain their status through Sept. 30, 2019, must re-register between March 5, and May 4, 2018. ...
Peryòd Re-Enskripsyon Louvri Kounye pou Ayisyen ak Estati Pwoteksyon Tanporè
Sèvis Sitwayènte ak Imigrasyon Etazini (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, USCIS) te anonse jodiya benefisyè Estati Pwoteksyon Tanporè (Temporary Protected Status) anba klasifiasyon Ayiti ...
La période de réinscription est maintenant ouverte pour les Haïtiens bénéficiant du statut de protection temporaire
Les Services de la Citoyenneté et de l'Immigration des États-Unis (l'USCIS) ont annoncé aujourd'hui que les bénéficiaires actuels du statut de protection temporaire (TPS) sous la d...