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November 11th is Veterans Day! Below find links to helpful information on naturalization through military service and a new citizenship education resource:

Visit the Naturalization Through Military Service page for information on qualifying for naturalization through service in the U.S. armed forces!

New! N-400 Topic Exercises: Armed Forces (PDF, 1.51 MB) - This educational handout covers vocabulary related to the armed forces. Citizenship educators can use this and the other N-400 Topic Exercises to help students prepare for their naturalization interview.

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In this section of the Citizenship Resource Center, learn about the important reasons to become a U.S. citizen and paths to citizenship. Also, find information about the naturalization process and what you need to know about the naturalization interview and test.

Should I Consider U.S. Citizenship?
Learn about the important rights and responsibilities of citizenship and the reasons to consider becoming a citizen.

Citizenship and Naturalization
There are different ways to obtain citizenship. Depending on your situation, different requirements may apply to you. Explore the links below.

Also, visit our Citizenship for Military Family Members page.

10 Steps to Naturalization
Learn about the 10 steps in the naturalization process to become a citizen.

Naturalization Interview and Test
Find out what to expect at your naturalization interview.

Naturalization Ceremonies
Learn about what happens at a naturalization ceremony. Taking the Oath of Allegiance is the final step in the naturalization process.

Commonly Asked Questions
Find answers to commonly asked questions about the naturalization process.

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