Career Opportunities

As the federal government agency that administers immigration benefits for the United States, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offers exciting career opportunities to make a meaningful impact on our country’s future. You can help people build better lives, while safeguarding the integrity and promise of our nation’s lawful immigration system, and honoring our values.

Whether you are looking to begin your career or continue your professional growth, there are many opportunities waiting for you at USCIS. Listed below are some of the common positions within the agency. Learn more about opportunities to join our team by viewing our current job announcements on USAJOBS.

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Conduct projects and studies, evaluating data and work process to inform the agency’s current status and make recommendations to enhance operational effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

  • Immigration Services Analyst - Conduct projects and studies involving in-depth analysis to enhance operational effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.
  • Operations Research Analyst - Conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis to help senior leaders make decisions and solve problems related to operational issues through activities such as strategizing, planning, forecasting, allocating resources, measuring performance, logistics analysis, work distribution, system design and database analysis.
  • Statistician - Apply statistical theories, procedures and techniques to design analyses and studies of USCIS programs, operations, databases, and produce valid and reliable assessments.

Financial, Contracting and Accounting

Ensure sound stewardship of USCIS fiscal resources, deliver accurate and timely financial reporting, and improve financial management processes.

  • Accountant - Conduct financial analysis and review, prepare financial statement and reports, provide professional accounting advice and services, and develop and review internal controls.
  • Business Operations Specialist - Perform a variety of program planning activities related to acquisitions and contracts; serve as a liaison between the members of project teams.
  • Contract Specialist - Responsible for contracting transactions from initiation of a requirement to recommendation of contract award to procure supplies or services.
  • Economist - Develop analytical techniques for economic studies, conduct economic research, and conduct special analyses of major economic issues, writing, editing, planning and coordinating major reports.
  • Financial Program / Cost Analyst - Review and implement procedures, business processes, and recommended changes to systems requirements resulting from findings of financial audits of operations.

Fraud Detection, Intelligence and Security

Combat fraud, detect national security and public safety threats, and protect the integrity of USCIS through diligent investigating, reporting and partnering with law enforcement organizations and intelligence agencies.

  • Immigration Analyst (Fraud Detection and National Security) - Safeguard the nation’s immigration system by verifying and analyzing information from USCIS databases to detect immigration fraud.
  • Immigration Officer (Fraud Detection and National Security) - Conduct extensive inquiries, detailed research and analysis and liaise with law enforcement organizations and intelligence agencies to investigate allegations of potential fraud, address national security concerns and combat public safety threats within the immigration system.
  • Intelligence Research Specialist (Fraud Detection and National Security) - Identify fraud trends and patterns through analyses and investigations of data captured from applications and petitions for immigration benefits, as well as leads obtained from a variety of sources.
  • Investigative Specialist - Investigate civil or criminal violations of law, rule, regulation or official guidance occurring within USCIS.
  • Personnel Security Specialist - Review background investigations and make decisions regarding pre-employment vetting, suitability for federal employment, fitness to work for or on behalf of the federal government, eligibility to occupy national security positions and eligibility to access sensitive information.
  • Security Assistant (Office Automation) - Provide technical and administrative support in the areas of personnel security, physical security or information security.
  • Security Specialist  - Plan, direct and coordinate security programs within USCIS.

Human Resources

Provide a strong foundation for the agency by hiring and serving our employees, through recruiting and staffing, human capital policy development and oversight, labor and employee relations, and employee benefits and retirement guidance.

  • Human Resources Assistant - Provide technical and administrative support in areas such as recruiting and staffing, employee benefits and retirement, personnel processing, position classification, and labor and employee relations.
  • Human Resources Specialist - Serve as a technical expert and work with future, current, and former employees and USCIS offices in areas such as recruiting and staffing, employee benefits and retirement, personnel processing, position classification, pay, and labor and employee relations.

Immigration Benefits

Immigration Benefits Adjudication

Play a critical role in the agency’s mission of administering the nation’s lawful immigration system by making determinations on applications and petitions for various types of immigration benefits. In many cases, conducting in-person interviews with applicants or petitioners for immigration benefits.

  • Adjudications Officer - Analyze new or amended legislation and policy, prepare written reports of findings, and review and make determinations on cases for immigration benefits.
  • Appeals Officer - Review the decisions made by USCIS adjudications officers on immigration benefits cases to ensure consistency and accuracy in the interpretation of immigration laws, regulations, and policies.
  • Asylum Officer - Adjudicate asylum applications, conduct credible and reasonable fear screenings, and adjudicate other benefit applications managed by the asylum program, including motions to reopen and reconsider.
  • Immigration Services Officer - Grant or deny immigration applications and petitions efficiently and fairly and assist other federal agencies in identifying individuals who pose a threat to national security and public safety.
  • Refugee Officer - Conduct interviews at overseas locations, review applications, and conduct country conditions research to determine an individual’s status as a refugee and eligibility for resettlement to the U.S.

Immigration Benefits Support

Support the immigration benefits adjudication process by conducting a preliminary review of applications and petitions for immigration benefits and/or interacting with and assisting applicants and petitioners for immigration benefits.

  • Community Relations Officer - Maintain collaborative relationships with communities and conduct outreach activities to educate stakeholders on USCIS policies and programs and gather information from key community groups and other governmental organizations.
  • Congressional Liaison Specialist - Liaise, plan, direct, and coordinate congressional and intergovernmental activities related to the USCIS mission.
  • CIS Assistant (Office Automation) - Respond to written and oral inquiries from the public, other organizations, governmental agencies, Congressional offices and provide information and assistance on applications to applicants and petitioners and/or their legal representatives.
  • Immigration Management Assistant (Office Automation) - Aid analysts in a variety of different areas, such as, records program support and problem resolution; contract oversight quality assurance; customer service; data analysis, management, and reporting; and system and database updates.
  • Immigration Services Assistant (Office Automation) - Support the adjudication process by  conducting security checks, supporting officers, managing correspondence, maintaining customer support, processing documents and fees, performing analysis on files, reports, and information systems or databases.
  • Immigration Services Clerk (Office Automation) and CIS Clerk (Office Automation) - Conduct a preliminary examination of applications/petitions for immigration benefits, establish records files, and search databases for information.
  • Legal Administrative Specialist - Interact with applicants to elicit and provide valuable information relating to their case.
  • Legal Instruments Examiner (Immigration Status Verification) - Research, evaluate, adjudicate, and provide responses to Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) and E-Verify applicants.

Information Technology (IT)

Design, develop, delivery, and deploy IT services and solutions that are transforming the nation's immigration system, while maintaining the security and integrity of the IT infrastructure.

  • IT Specialist - Provide expert analysis and advice on programs related to a variety of information technology (IT) issues or problems where new analytical techniques must be developed.
  • IT Specialist (Application Software) - Develop, adapt, and implement new applications development methods, models, and programs that incorporate new technologies.
  • IT Specialist (Information Security) - Help protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information systems and data across USCIS through effective security operations, security monitoring, incident response, and continuous monitoring to support USCIS’ mission.


Review and research laws, policies, and procedures; support the agency and other governmental organizations in litigation matters; and provide legal education and advice to USCIS staff and leadership on legislative, regulatory, and national security issues.

  • FOIA/PA Assistant (Office Automation) - Review and analyze Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) requests and manage the response to these requests.
  • General Attorney - Provide legal advice to the agency, represent the agency in appeals cases and litigation, and present legal education and training to USCIS staff.
  • Government Information Specialist - Advise and train agency staff and leadership on legal requirements related to topics such as the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Privacy Act (PA).
  • Paralegal Specialist - Analyze cases and other matters related to immigration benefits adjudication and litigation and assist USCIS attorneys in case preparation through legal research.

Mission and Operation Support

Support USCIS by providing assistance and guidance to agency staff and leaders in a variety of administrative areas.

  • Operations Support Assistant (Office Automation) and Mission Support Assistant (Office Automation) - Assist agency employees and programs in a wide variety of administrative areas, such as: human resources and employee services; training; equal employment opportunity (EEO); facilities, asset, and financial management; and security.
  • Operations Support Specialist and Mission Support Specialist - Provide guidance to agency employees and leadership in a wide variety of administrative areas, such as: human resources and employee services; training; equal employment opportunity (EEO); facilities, asset, and financial management; and security.
  • Staff Assistant - Develop, evaluate, and advise leadership on administrative requirements, policies, guidelines, and processes.

Program and Project Management

Plan, execute, analyze, and provide recommendations on programs and projects within USCIS.

  • Business Interface Representative - Manage IT systems that support program operations and liaise with IT professionals in execution of the program requirements.
  • Management & Program Analyst - Implement, coordinate, analyze, and provide recommendations on agency programs.
  • Management & Program Analyst (Quality Assurance) - Identify, design, and implement process improvement projects and analysis.
  • Program Manager - Coordinate, administer, and manage agency programs and projects.
  • Space Management Specialist - Serve as a project manager with the responsibility to develop and implement policies and procedures for the space acquisition, design, and construction for offices within the USCIS portfolio.

Student Interns

USCIS hires many students under the Pathways Internship Program. Our student interns, Student Trainees, work in a wide variety of career fields in our offices throughout the country. These are paid internships designed to allow students to explore federal careers while still enrolled in an educational institution. Work may be performed on a full- or part-time basis and schedules are generally flexible to support fulfillment of educational requirements and career development.

Availability of student internship opportunities varies. View our list of current Student Trainee job opportunity announcements to learn more and apply.

The above list includes various common USCIS positions, but please note that this list is not inclusive of all available USCIS positions and the positions listed here may not be available in all USCIS locations. Specific descriptions for each position may vary; official description, duties, and requirements are listed in our job opportunity announcements on USAJOBS.

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