Management Directorate


Larry DeNayer is the deputy associate director of the Management Directorate.

What We Do

The Management Directorate provides leadership, coordination, and logistics for a variety of complex mission support functions and activities on which other USCIS program offices and directorates rely to achieve their goals. Specifically, the directorate plans, directs, manages, and coordinates all management support functions within USCIS.

The Management Directorate:

  • Works with internal customers to design and implement innovative, cost effective solutions to support USCIS’ mission delivery.
  • Provides the essential products and services that enable other USCIS directorates and program offices to complete their missions effectively and efficiently.


The Management Directorate is comprised of one division and eight offices:

  • The Investment Management Division develops, maintains, and facilitates effective program and project management, providing capabilities and solutions that meet USCIS requirements and priorities.
  • The Office of Administration provides administrative goods and services, including facilities, logistics, and mail program guidance in maintaining USCIS as a quality agency.
  • The Office of the Chief Financial Officer ensures sound stewardship of USCIS fiscal resources, delivers accurate and timely financial reporting, improves financial management processes, and strengthens enterprise risk management and internal control.
  • The Office of Contracting plans, awards, and administers high quality contracts that deliver the best value products and services to USCIS on a timely basis while also maintaining the public’s trust and fulfilling public policy objectives.
  • The Office of Human Capital and Training attracts, hires, trains, and retains a quality and diverse workforce, offers USCIS employees’ career development opportunities, and supports work-life balance.
  • The Office of Information Technology provides the information technology services, strategic vision, leadership, technical expertise, and capabilities necessary to enable USCIS to deliver effective, efficient, economical, and secure immigration services.
  • The Office of Intake and Document Production designs and maintains all USCIS forms for internal and public use, produces secure identification documents, and oversees the receipt of USCIS applications and any associated filing fees. Please see the Office of Intake and Document Production’s About Us page for more information.
  • The Office of Performance and Quality provides data and operational analyses to senior decision makers and key stakeholders, including Congress, DHS, and other governmental agencies to promote a USCIS that is effective and efficient.
  • The Office of Security and Integrity provides leadership in safety, security, and resilience in support of USCIS’s mission, and protects employees, assets, and information.
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