Office of Intake and Document Production

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors, USCIS is experiencing delays in issuing receipt notices for some applications and petitions filed at a USCIS lockbox facility. For more information, see the USCIS Lockbox Updates web alert.


Ernest DeStefano is the chief of the Office of Intake and Document Production.


Deliver effective, efficient and innovative intake and document production services.

What We Do

  • Design, print and distribute USCIS forms.
  • Manage the paper (USCIS Lockbox facilities) intake system.
  • Troubleshoot intake issues, adjudicate fee waiver requests and resolve filing issues with applications.
  • Produce and mail secure identity documents, such as Permanent Resident Cards and Employment Authorization Documents.
  • Print and distribute notices, such as receipt and appointment, to applicants and petitioners.


  • We are comprised of more than 200 federal employees located nationwide.
  • The USCIS Lockbox facilities located in Chicago, Illinois; Phoenix, Arizona; and Lewisville, Texas, are operated by a Department of Treasury designated financial agent.

Contact Us

If your question relates to... Please contact...

a filing mailed to the Chicago, Dallas, or Phoenix Lockbox.

For example, you have questions about:

  • the reason your submission was rejected.
  • how or where to submit an application or petition that should be filed at one of the three Lockbox locations.
  • whether we received your application/petition if you filed more than 30 days ago and you have not yet received a receipt notice.
  • a recent filing at one of the three Lockbox locations.

Us by email at

We will answer each email in turn as soon as possible. Please include the form number, receipt number, petitioner and/or applicant name, and mailing address with your email.

Do not include social security numbers in emails.

  • An application or petition that was filed online or mailed directly to a USCIS service center
  • An application or petition that has already been accepted by the Lockbox
  • A question about your eligibility to file

Contact our USCIS Contact Center by phone at (800) 375-5283, or contact the service center or office processing your case, via the email addresses provided on the USCIS Contact Us web page.

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