Resources for Victims of Human Trafficking and Other Crimes

We offer resources for victims of human trafficking and other crimes and the organizations that serve them. If you or your family has any questions about obtaining T or U nonimmigrant status, please see the resources below for answers.

Web Pages

Learn more about human trafficking through the Department of Homeland Security's Blue Campaign.

USCIS Partnerships

We partner with other agencies and organizations to combat human trafficking.

If you are a law enforcement officer, prosecutor, or judge, USCIS has more information about your role in the immigration process for victims available on the Information for Law Enforcement Agencies and Judges page. 


USCIS is dedicated to informing law enforcement and community-based organizations about the forms of relief offered to victims of human trafficking, domestic violence and other crimes. To receive training on this topic, please send an email to

For more information please call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center 888-373-7888.

Resources You Can Download or Print

Additional resources are available through the Department of Homeland Security's Blue Campaign. 





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