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Children's Art Gallery 2010

Archived Content

The information on this page is out of date. However, some of the content may still be useful, so we have archived the page.

We are America

USCIS National Children's Art Project Information.


America is like a melting pot, it mixes all different countries' cultures together, absorbs it and creates a unique country. This makes America a strong and with freedom country.
Artist: Jaqueline, Age: 8, Florida





America is like a quilt. A whole bunch of beautiful pieces make one great nation.
Artist: Adrienne, Age: 10, Washington





America is our home. This flag and this country united many nations under one roof. America makes us great because here we have the most important thing in the world-our freedom. You can express yourself everywhere and anywhere you want to. All people are different, but they all respect each other no matter what your culture is your skin color , and where you are from. The point is we are the whole big family. And it gives us a great opportunity to share with everybody our experiences, what is really make all of us great and successful
Artist: Natallia, Age: 9, New York







I would like to express my pleasure to live here in America in peace, love and security with others. Painted American flag is a grown garden of red roses and red lines symbolize the blue star is a U.S. State.  The participation of friends from all nationalities, agriculture play and love in the land, the U.S. Thank you America, with love and safety and peace for all.

Artist: Dina, Age: 9, Delaware






It does not matter where we come from. The spirit of American Strength is the spririt of its people. Each grou pof Immigrants has contributed in its own uniqque way to build the Great America. Thanks to our freedom and the different option that we have here in America,
we can choose our music, food, religion, etc. I invite you to respect this country and be proud to be an American.
Artist: Nicolas, Age: 10, Nevada




People come to USA because the opportunities. This is the country of Liberty, Freedom and Justice gives us the chance to have a better life. USA is a great place to live because we can make our dreams come true.
Artist: Jorge, Age: 8, California





Because of the American dream. Opportunities Liberty, Justice and freedom. Because we believe and keep working to make a better country.
Artist: Karin, Age: 8, California







I think America is great because of many different reasons.  One reason is as soon as you step foot on America you are free.  No one can tell you what to do or what to say.  Everyone is friends in America.  That’s why I think America is great!

Artist: Jamie, Age: 9, Massachusetts







 When people come to America we can learn about their cultures and learn from them.  We can create peace by learning other cultures.  While creating peace we will stand out throughout the world.  We will also be able to live longer and spend time with our families.  That is what makes us such a great country.

Artist: Brianna, Age: 10, Nevada






America is great because it’s a place of diversity and equal employment opportunities for families.  It’s also a place for better Education and Academics.  We also have equal opportunities for jobs and careers.  America is great because people come here for a better life.

Artist: Lionel, Age: 12, Connecticut








People have come from all over the world to become Americans it makes us great because families have a better chance of having a good paying job.  What also makes America great is that children get a good education and be what they want to be.  Out country also provides excellent health care and hospitality for the citizens of our country.  If our people are hungry there are lots of farms and supermarkets.  This is why I think America is great.

Artist: Heaven, Age: 10, Connecticut







When Immigrants come from all over the world to America, they bring a glimpse of their culture and countries. It's like different colors coming together to make a rainbow! So, if you look at the United States, it's so colorful. It looks like a big stomr happened to form one large rainbow!
Artist: Leah, age: 12, Georgia






Maybe people want to find a better lifeor get a good job. See sights like the Statue of Liberty or live with beloved relatives. Have the right to vote. We are people of this world, peace and justice. It doesn't matter what race you came from, what matters most is that you are becoming an American citizen!
Artist: Iris, age: 12, Texas






People come from all over the world. They speak different languages. They have different skin colors. In America, then can live in peace, freedom and equality.
Artist: Zeyaad, Age: 7, Mississippi






America is made up of different people, and all are treated equally. There are many opportunities for people of all ages! There is freedom for Everyone.
Artist: Emilie, Age: 9 ½ , Pennsylvania






People from all over the world are good at different things. We learn from each other and that makes us strong.
Artist: Emily, Age: 6 , Indiana






Many people come to our country for freedom. My drawing shows the three main symbols of our freedom. I am glad that they are here. God bless America.
Artist: Ashley, Age: 10 , Alabama






It's because we have a lot of freedom and some people don't. I know that sometimes we have storms and the power goes out. I am glad that we have freedom. A lot of people live in the world and today we can go green and build it together.
Artist: Liana, Age: 7, Oklahoma






Inmigration makes America great because we get to learn a lot about other cultures. We learn other languages and how to communicate. Also, we learn other religions, different ways to believe and behave. We can find other traditions and habits we like or dislike. This is why America is great. My picture shows the diversion of people around the world.

Artist: Purpa, Age: 12, Missouri





My painting is a symbol of myself and my two cultures - East and West.  I get to practice both of my cultures.  I was born in America and my parents are from Pakistan.  I love America because it has good laws and people are nice.  America lets me enjoy life with my two cultures.
Artist: Aanyah, Age: 6, Texas








America is a home for everybody. I drew a big boat of people and everybody is happy together.
Artist: Mahder, Age: 6, California




My art relates to immigration because butterflies fly and represent freedom. This image represents freedom because buttlerflies can fly anywhere and make their dreams come true. It is important to recognize the contribution of immigrants because they have always worked hard.
Artist: Manuel, Age: 11, California




I think it is great because new friends from all over the world have come to join this land. They know is a better life for them to be free, happy, and welcome in a new place. As we welcome our new friends here I know it makes us great.
Artist: Peyton, Age: 7, New Jersey








Together we care great. Together we can do it. Together we can change the world. We can reach the Peace together.
Artist: Sebastián, age: 12, California






Well, I think it makes America great because it gives America large diversity. Diversity in America is one of the key differences between America and other countries. Therefore, the large variety of people and places and languages and stories makes America a very unique country.
Artist: Carolena, age: 10, Nevada



America is a great country like no other. People from all over the world come to America to not only become better people but to also explore wonderful opportunities only available in the land of the free. In my piece the tree represents America and how tall and mighty we stand among others. The leaves represent all the different Americans that have settled and thrived, throughout many ages, in America itself. Finally the beautiful and exotic birds represent the many unique races and ethnicities that make up the diversity that America has become known for. These "birds¿ migrate from oceans away just to sit on the tree that has the power to unite one and all into a country of incredible variety. America truly is one of kind and spectacular country.
Artist: Muhammad, Age 11, North Carolina





America accepts people for who they are. America gives everyone freedom. We are all family. America cares for each other.
Artist: Alexis, Age 7, Pennsylvania



 It makes us great because people with different history, culture, and background are able to share their differences with Americans, therefore, we can learn new things.
Artist: Elizabeth, Age: 11, New Jersey







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