Message from USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas: Request for Information Regarding Customer Service

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Exploring New Visions For Customer Service

We at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are committed to providing the highest quality customer service.  As we strive to achieve that goal, we must be ever-mindful that we serve a diverse public, one that has widely divergent educational, economic, and cultural backgrounds.  We interact with those who have employers or legal representation to support them on immigration matters as well as those who approach us on their own behalf.  USCIS has a profound ethical obligation to ensure equal access to our agency and is committed to serving all of its customers with the utmost attention and professionalism.

 Easy public access to USCIS information and services is extremely important to meet our mission and goals.  We provide customers with a variety of mechanisms to access our agency, including email, call centers, online services, and stakeholder engagements.  Some individuals with general questions about our immigration system use these mechanisms with great results, while others with highly technical or more time-sensitive questions have sought different avenues of engagement.  USCIS recognizes that certain inquiries may require more direct methods to access agency information than currently available.

USCIS has listened to and discussed your comments and concerns about our customer service models and is interested in exploring with you new methods to communicate with our customers and the general public.  To this end, we have published a Request For Information with the intent that the responses will help the agency craft a new vision for how the public can address the agency with questions, raise concerns, and how the agency can best deliver substantive responses.  This Request for Information can be found on the Federal Business Opportunities website:

While current models of customer service have provided a welcomed source of information and service, USCIS will consider other innovative models as we move forward.  We seek to implement continually better, more efficient avenues of access in our efforts to improve the quality of customer service that we provide as an agency.  Please respond to our Request For Information.  We look forward to your input as a valued stakeholder to help define the customer service models of tomorrow’s USCIS.

Thank you.
Alejandro N. Mayorkas


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