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Transcript: Establishing Online Access in USCIS ELIS

Archived Content

The information on this page is out of date. However, some of the content may still be useful, so we have archived the page.

Note: This content applies only to paying the USCIS Immigrant Fee and e-filing Form I-526 and Form I-539 in USCIS ELIS.

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Running Time: 3 minutes 36 seconds

In this demonstration, an applicant begins the benefit request/application process by creating an online account.

To begin, select Create New Account on the USCIS ELIS login screen.

The Getting Started - Privacy Act Statement screen appears.

To continue creating an online account, select the Privacy Act Statement checkbox

Select I Accept to continue.

The Provide Email and Account Type screen appears.

Enter your email address twice in the Provide email fields provided.

After entering and confirming an email address, select Submit to continue.

The Confirm Email screen appears. A confirmation email is sent to the email address shown on the screen.

Select the confirmation link included in the email to proceed to the Password Setup screen.

The Password Setup screen appears

Enter and confirm a new password in the Enter New Password field.

While typing, the Password Strength bar indicates whether a password’s strength is weak, medium, or strong.

Select Next to continue.

The Password Updated screen appears, confirming that a password has been set.

Select Next to continue.

The Password Reset Questions and Answers screen appears.

Select five password reset questions from the provided list of questions, then provide corresponding answers.

These questions can be used to reset your password at a later date.

Select Next to continue.

The Choose Security Preference screen appears

To set a security preference, select one of the following options: setting a secure PIN via phone or email, or answering a set of personal identity questions.

Select the Personal Identity Questions radio button.

Select Next to continue.

Select three questions from a series of personal identity questions and enter the corresponding answers.

You must answer ONE of these questions every time you log in to USCIS ELIS.

This provides another layer of security in addition to a password.

Select Next to continue.

Review and confirm all three answers to the personal identity questions, then select Submit to continue.

Enter the answer to your personal identity question.

Select Submit to continue.

The Account Activated screen confirms the creation of your Online Account.

Select USCIS ELIS Home to proceed to the Step-by-Step Online Application.

The Step-by-Step Online Application appears.


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