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2016 Fee Changes to Adoption-Related Forms

On December 23, 2016, new fees will go into effect for USCIS forms as a result of a final rule published in the Federal Register on October 24, 2016.  The chart below highlights fee changes that will impact adoption-related immigration forms. Applications and petitions postmarked or filed on or after December 23, 2016, must include the new fees or USCIS will reject the filing.

What Fee to Pay

If you file before December 23, 2016, you should pay the old fee listed in the column titled “Old Fee” in the chart below. If you file on or after December 23, 2106, you must pay the new fee listed under the column “New Fee” in the chart below.

Form New Fee ($) Old Fee ($)
Forms I-600/600A, Petition to Classify Orphan as an Immediate Relative/Application for Advance Petition Processing of an Orphan Petition 775 720
Forms I-800/800A, Petition to Classify Convention Adoptee as an Immediate Relative/Application for Determination of Suitability to Adopt a Child from a Convention Country 775 720
Form I-800A, Supp. 3 Request for Action on Approved Form I–800A 385 360
Forms N-600/N-600K, Application for Certificate of Citizenship 1,170 600/550*

*The old fee for a Form N-600/N-600K differentiated between a biological child and for an adopted child. The new fee will not differentiate between Form N-600/N-600K applications filed for a biological child and those filed for an adopted child.

Adopted Children Who Do Not Automatically Receive a Certificate of Citizenship

Adopted children who enter the United States with an IR-2, IR-4 or IH-4 visa classification generally do not automatically receive a Certificate of Citizenship and, therefore, adoptive parents must apply for one on behalf of the child.  If your adopted child does not qualify to automatically receive a Certificate of Citizenship upon being admitted to the United States, you may apply for one using the Form N-600/ N-600K once the child satisfies the eligibility requirements. 

Please note that we only began automatically issuing Certificates of Citizenship on Jan. 1, 2004.  If your child entered on an IR-3 visa before Jan. 1, 2004, he or she should file Form N-600 to obtain a Certificate of Citizenship.

USCIS Immigrant Fee

Children who enter the United States under the Orphan (Form I-600/A) or Hague (Form I-800/A) adoption processes do not have to pay the $220 USCIS Immigrant Fee.

Biometric Services Fee

For Forms I-600/600A, I-800/800A, and Form I-800A Supplement 3, a biometric services fee of $85 may apply for each person in your household who is 18 years of age or older. See the relevant form instructions for additional details.

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