AAO Decision Data

This page contains a link to relevant statistics on AAO decisions. The statistics are organized by the USCIS form number associated with the underlying benefit category. The process in which USCIS reviews and adjudicates immigration benefits and any subsequent appeals is outlined below:

  • Initial immigration benefit adjudication. Eligible applicants and petitioners generally receive approvals when USCIS initially adjudicates their applications and therefore do not need to appeal an unfavorable decision. For disposition data on initial field adjudications, visit the USCIS Immigration and Citizenship Data page, which contains a quarterly All Forms Report.
  • Initial field review of appeals. When USCIS denies a benefit request and an applicant files an appeal, the USCIS office that denied the benefit will first review the appeal and determine whether to take favorable action and grant the benefit request. This process is called “initial field review.” If that office does not take favorable action, it will forward the appeal to the AAO for appellate review. While specific data are not currently available, a significant number of appeals are favorably resolved during initial field review.
  • AAO appeal decisions. When adjudicating an appeal on the merits, the AAO generally sustains (approves), dismisses (denies), or remands (returns) the appeal. For appeal disposition data on benefit categories that are commonly appealed to the AAO, visit the AAO appeal statistics page (PDF, 127.6 KB).
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