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Update: Haiti’s Central Authority will stop accepting U.S. transition case dossiers on Feb 12, 2016

Archived Content

The information on this page is out of date. However, some of the content may still be useful, so we have archived the page.

After assessing its capacity and monthly quotas, the Haitian Central Authority, L’Institut du Bien-Etre Social et de Researches (IBESR) announced it will stop accepting U.S. transition case dossiers on February 12, 2016.  This cut-off date will allow IBESR to match as many transition “non-Convention” cases as possible by April 1, 2016.  U.S. families that have an eligible U.S. transition case and have not yet filed their transition dossier with IBESR are strongly advised to file their dossier with IBESR before the February 12, 2016 deadline if they want to continue as a transition case.

IBESR has indicated that they will make all efforts to match eligible U.S. transition dossiers filed with IBESR before February 12, 2016; however, some families may not be able to obtain a match from IBESR by April 1, 2016 due to backlogs and resource constraints.  We continue to discuss with IBESR options for families who file a dossier with IBESR by February 12, 2016 but do not receive a match before April 1, 2016, and will post additional guidance when available.

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