Review and Revision of Request for Evidence Templates

In April 2010, USCIS launched the Request for Evidence (RFE) Project, an initiative to review and revise our Service Center RFE templates.

Through continuous engagement with USCIS stakeholders, this project is producing RFE templates that are:

  • Clear and concise.
  • Consistent across USCIS service centers;
  • Relevant for the classification being adjudicated; and
  • Adaptable to the facts and needs of individual cases.

We are currently reviewing RFE templates for these categories:

  • E12, Outstanding Professor and Researcher Immigrants.
  • E13, Multinational Executive and Manager Immigrants.
  • Ability to Pay for Form I-140.
  • F, Student Nonimmigrants.
  • M, Vocational Student Nonimmigrants.
  • J, Exchange Visitor Nonimmigrants.
  • L-1B, Specialized Knowledge Intracompany Transferee Nonimmigrants.
  • O-1B, Extraordinary Ability in the Arts Nonimmigrants.

We will post drafts of revised templates in the Feedback Opportunities page of, where stakeholders will be able to submit comments. We will also post final templates on the same Web page once we have reviewed and considered comments received. A summary of RFE Project accomplishments to date is currently available on the Feedback Updates page of

In addition to comments on individual templates, USCIS also seeks stakeholder input on broader issues related to templates that are now under review. This input should address these questions:

  1. What are the top five issues you have with RFEs in the classifications that are currently under review?
  2. What improvements can be made to the current RFE process in these classifications?
  3. What types of evidence are frequently unavailable for these classifications when requested, and why? What evidence could be submitted as an alternative?

Email us

Stakeholders will have continuous access to USCIS throughout the RFE Project via email at We encourage you to use this email address to provide feedback on the questions above and to suggest prioritization of future classifications for the project.

You can also email us through to let us know about trends in RFEs you feel are erroneous. If you do this, please note:

  • USCIS will review the issue raised but will not respond to the individual inquiry;
  • Emailing RFEs to this address does not replace the requirement to respond to the RFE within the period stated on the RFE Notice. You should respond to the RFE in a manner you feel is appropriate. Failure to respond to the RFE could result in a denial.

This email box is not intended for petitioners to use to request review of specific cases. If you have specific questions regarding individual cases, please contact the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283.

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