Community-Based Organizations

Does your community-based organization know how individuals can avoid and report immigration services scams? Have immigrants in your community been scammed?

The links below are tools that your organization can use to assist people who are seeking assistance with their USCIS petitions or applications:

  • Become an organization recognized by the Office of Legal Access Program (OLAP).
  • Report immigration services scams in your state. Most reporting mechanisms allow you to report anonymously.  If people in your community are being victimized by an immigration services scams, you can report it on their behalf
  • Identify consumer protection and unauthorized practice of law statutes by state. Understanding the laws will better help you educate and empower the immigrant community you serve.
  • Provide individuals with the resources they need to avoid immigration services scams. Spread the word about this pervasive issue. Educate your community. 

Support the Avoid Scams initiative:

  • Refer clients/potential applicants to the Avoid Scams Resource Center 
  • Include a link from your organization’s website to the Avoid Scams Resource Center
  • Place the Avoid Scams brochure in your organization's offices, waiting areas, windows, community-events spaces and other visible areas
  • Pass out copies of the Avoid Scams brochure when meeting with potential applicants or at community functions
  • Encourage your organization to sign up for the Avoid Scams Resource Center RSS feed  

USCIS also hosts local events across the country. Visit our Outreach section to learn about events in your area.

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