Electronic Immigration Status Verification

SAVE is a fast, secure, and reliable online service that allows federal, state, and local benefit-granting agencies to verify a benefit applicant’s immigration status or naturalized/derived citizenship.

SAVE is administered by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a component of the Department of Homeland Security, and is dedicated to providing tailored training, support, and service to meet participating agency needs.


Por instrucciones del presidente, el Departamento de Seguridad Nacional (DHS) restablecerá la salida forzosa diferida (DED) para liberianos o personas cuya última residencia habitual fuera Liberia, y proporcionará autorización continua de empleo hasta el 30 de junio de 2022.


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SAVE CaseCheck

CaseCheck is a free and fast service that lets you follow the progress of your SAVE verification case online.