Chapter 3 - Forms of Assistance

A. In-Person

1. Local Field Office

Persons with case-specific inquiries who have tried using the online tools and have not been able to attain the information they are looking for may call the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283 (TTY: 1-800-767-1833). In-person appointments at Field Offices are reserved for critical services that require a person’s physical presence in the office to resolve the issue.

2. Community Outreach

USCIS engages in community outreach programs to educate and increase public awareness, increase dialogue and visibility, and solicit feedback on USCIS operations. During outreach events in local communities, USCIS employees do not respond to case-specific inquiries. Anyone asking case-specific questions at outreach events should be directed to submit their inquiry through appropriate channels.

The topics of community outreach programs are varied. Information on past and future outreach events can be found on the USCIS website. The website provides a list of future engagements and instructions on how to register to attend. Many events also have call-in numbers for those unable to attend in person. The website also contains notes and supporting documents from previous engagements.

B. Online

1. USCIS Online Account

USCIS online accounts allow applicants, petitioners, and representatives to access personalized, real-time information related to their individual case 24 hours a day through any internet-connected device. Persons can also communicate directly with the USCIS Contact Center through the secure messaging function to receive email responses to their case-specific inquiries. This is the easiest and most comprehensive way to communicate with USCIS regarding case-specific issues.

2. Online Messages

Benefit requestors can send messages and inquiries directly to the USCIS Contact Center, without an online account, and receive an email or phone response within 24 to 48 hours. Since these messages are outside of USCIS’ secure online account experience, Contact Center staff are limited from sharing case-specific information to ensure the privacy of benefit requestors. The USCIS online account is the preferred method of contacting the agency for easy, timely, and effective responses to case-specific inquiries.

3. Emma and Live Web Chat

Emma is the USCIS Virtual Assistant. Emma can provide immediate responses to non-case-specific questions about immigration services and benefits, guide users through our comprehensive website, and connect benefit requestors and other interested parties to a live agent through web chat for more in-depth topics and questions.

4. Email

USCIS offices may provide designated email boxes for case-specific inquiries about a pending or adjudicated petition or application. Before submitting an inquiry, the person inquiring should review all available information listed on the USCIS Contact US web page to ensure that the inquiry is properly routed. 

USCIS officers should use caution when responding to email inquiries requesting case-specific information, as issues of privacy and identity may arise.[1]

C. Telephone

1. USCIS Contact Center

For the convenience of benefit requestors and other interested parties located within the United States, USCIS provides a toll-free phone number answered by the USCIS Contact Center available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Automated information accessed through a menu of interactive options is always available. For information on when live help through a USCIS representative is available, see the USCIS Contact Center web page.

The toll-free phone number for the USCIS Contact Center is 1-800-375-5283 (TTY for the deaf, hard of hearing, or person with a speech disability: 1-800-767-1833).

Multi-Tiered Structure

The USCIS Contact Center provides escalating levels of service to handle inquiries of increasing complexity, primarily through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and a multi-tiered level of live assistance.

IVR – Callers initially have the opportunity to have their questions answered directly by the IVR system. If additional assistance is needed, callers may request live assistance by selecting that option from within the IVR.

Tier 1 – Tier 1 is the first level of live assistance. Tier 1 staff members, who are contract employees, provide basic case-specific and general non-case-specific information. These responses follow a formatted script.

Tier 2 – If Tier 1 is unable to completely resolve an inquiry, the call may be transferred to the Tier 2 level of live assistance to be answered by a USCIS officer.

Callers may, at any time, request to have a call directed to a supervisor.

If an inquiry involves a case physically located at a domestic USCIS field office or service center, the USCIS Contact Center may create a service request. The service request is automatically routed to the USCIS office that can best resolve the inquiry. If an inquiry involves a case physically located at an international USCIS field office, the USCIS Contact Center may provide the caller with that office’s contact information and refer the inquiry, as appropriate.

2. International Service

Persons located outside of the United States should contact the international office with jurisdiction over their place of residence. USCIS provides a complete listing of international jurisdictions and field offices and their phone numbers on the International Immigration Offices page of the USCIS website.

3. Military Help Line

USCIS provides a toll-free military help line exclusively for members of the military and their families. For information on when USCIS military help line staff are available to answer calls, see the Military Help Line web page. After-hours callers will receive an email address they can use to contact USCIS for assistance.

The toll-free phone number for the military help line is 1-877-CIS-4MIL (1-877-247-4645) (TTY: for the deaf, hard of hearing, or person with a speech disability: 1-800-767-1833).

4. Premium Processing Line

USCIS provides a toll-free phone number exclusively for inquiries about petitions filed under the Premium Processing program.[2] The toll-free phone number for the Premium Processing Line is 1-866-315-5718.

5. Intercountry Adoptions Line

USCIS provides a toll-free phone number exclusively for inquiries about domestically filed applications and petitions under the Orphan and Hague intercountry adoption programs.[3] The toll-free phone number for the Intercountry Adoptions Line is 1-877-424-8374.

D. Traditional Mail or Facsimile

1. Traditional Mail

General mailing addresses are publicly available to allow the submission of applications and petitions, responses to requests for evidence, or service requests in a hard copy format.[4] Dedicated mailing addresses are available, as appropriate, to aid specific USCIS processes.

Mailing addresses are available at the Find a USCIS Office page on the USCIS website.

2. Facsimile (Fax)

USCIS does not provide general delivery facsimile (fax) numbers. While USCIS does not publish dedicated fax numbers, USCIS offices have the discretion to provide a fax number when appropriate. For example, an officer may provide a fax number for the purpose of submitting documentation electronically to aid in the efficient resolution of a case or as a method to expedite delivery of requested documents or information. Documents should not be submitted by fax unless specifically requested by a USCIS employee.


[^ 1] See Chapter 7, Privacy and Confidentiality [1 USCIS-PM A.7].

[^ 2] See the USCIS website for more information on Premium Processing Service. See Request for Premium Processing Service (Form I-907).

[^ 3] See the USCIS website for additional adoption-related contact information and more details about Orphan or Hague Process.

[^ 4] A service request is a tool that allows stakeholders to place an inquiry with USCIS for certain applications, petitions, and services. Service requests may also be submitted through the USCIS Contact Center or online. See Chapter 4, Service Request Management Tool [1 USCIS-PM A.4].

Current as of November 23, 2021