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Labor Day

On Labor Day, Americans celebrate the contributions that workers have made and continue to make in the United States of America. Each Labor Day, USCIS pays tribute to those workers, both native- and foreign-born, who have given their talents and time to make this country better. 

Prospective citizens may see Labor Day in several places on the naturalization test. “Labor Day” is one answer to the civics test question, “Name two national U.S. holidays.”  Labor Day is also one of the holidays that applicants may be required to read or write as part of the English test.

For Labor Day, we want to highlight some of the resources USCIS offers for learners and teachers that are related to this important day.


USCIS has educational materials to help you learn about the United States and prepare for the naturalization process. Here are several products that talk about Labor Day: 


In addition to the products highlighted above, USCIS offers free online tools and materials for educators and volunteers. Some examples include:

For more information about Labor Day, visit:

Additional Themed Resources

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