Management and Program Analyst Stephanie

Management Program Analyst - StephanieJob Title: Management and Program Analyst
Name: Stephanie
Location: Management Directorate, Washington, D.C.

As a Management and Program Analyst, Stephanie provides program support and oversight for a variety of projects in the USCIS Management Directorate’s front office. One day she might be reviewing agency-level policy and procedures and responding to information requests from DHS. The next day she might be holding a training session for emergency preparedness. In her job, she gets exposure to many things: from budget to IT, human resources to contracts. She has also been involved in strategic planning and drafting requirements for new projects.

How did you end up at USCIS?
I was a foreign affairs major at the University of Virginia with a plan to take the Foreign Service exam and end up abroad. But after graduation I decided to take a year to teach English in Taiwan to get a taste of life outside of the United States. In that year, I decided that I preferred visiting countries on vacation instead of actually living there. 

When I returned to the United States, I began working in federal consulting and was really drawn to projects at USCIS. I am a first-generation Filipino-American and our agency mission is something I feel I have grown up with. When I was offered a full-time position here, I jumped at the chance!

How has your career developed at USCIS?
I first came to USCIS as a contractor. I was truly drawn to being able to do work where I could make a direct impact on the mission. Since then, I have been encouraged to develop my strengths. My current position is different from when I first started, but both align with my long-term goals. I really appreciate the fact that I am empowered to set my own path.



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