Office of Equal Opportunity and Inclusion


Paula Thomas is the chief of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Inclusion.

What We Do

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Inclusion (OEOI) develops and delivers quality programs and services to try to ensure equality of employment opportunity, promote and sustain a diverse workforce, and foster workplace inclusion through the utilization of data-driven, strategic and collaborative approaches.

Our goals include:

  • Maintaining an efficient, fair and impartial equal employment opportunity (EEO) complaint resolution process.
  • Promoting inclusion and diversity at all levels of the organization through workforce analysis and barrier elimination/mitigation.
  • Providing an effective disability accommodation program to ensure that individuals with disabilities receive full access to equal employment opportunity.


The Office of Equal Opportunity and Inclusion is made up of three divisions:

  • Complaints Resolution Division (CRD)
  • Diversity Management Operations Division (DMOD)
  • Policy, Planning and Resources Division (PPRD)

Complaints Resolution Division

The Complaints Resolution Division administers the EEO complaint process and promotes early resolution of workplace disputes. It also provides technical assistance to ensure compliance with federal anti-discrimination laws and guidelines and promotes proactive prevention strategies through training and education.

Diversity Management Operations Division

The Diversity Management Operations Division spearheads the agency’s efforts to promote a diverse workforce and foster an inclusive work environment through its diversity and inclusion and disability accommodation programs that provide guidance and support in the areas of targeted recruitment support, special emphasis programs, and outreach and training.

Policy, Planning and Resources Division

The Policy, Planning, and Resources Division is responsible for internal office functions such as budgeting, personnel, and resources, as well as contracting, external training requests, workforce analysis, and policy development.


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