Army Sergeant Major Abraham Cohn - Civil War

USCIS Manchester, New Hampshire Field Office

Photo of Abraham Cohn
Courtesy of Hall of Valor Project

Abraham Cohn was born June 17, 1832, in Guttentag, Prussia, and arrived in New York at age 28 during the mid-19th century German-Jewish immigration to the United States. He enlisted as a Private in the 6th New Hampshire Volunteers in Campton, N.H., on Jan. 5, 1864. He fought in 11 battles, and was wounded twice.

He earned the Medal of Honor for actions taken in Wilderness, Va., on May 6, 1864, and in Petersburg, Va., on July 30, 1864.

“During Battle of the Wilderness rallied and formed, under heavy fire, disorganized and fleeing troops of different regiments. At Petersburg, Va.,  … bravely and coolly carried orders to the advanced line under severe fire.”                        —from Abraham Cohn’s Medal of Honor citation

Cohn died June 2, 1897, in New York. He is buried in Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn.

This text is from the official citations, military historical records, obituaries and other text posted on the Internet, including, and the Military Times Hall of Valor.



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