Office of Citizenship

The USCIS Office of Citizenship is mandated by the Homeland Security Act of 2002 (Pub. L. No. 107–296) to promote instruction and training on citizenship rights and responsibilities, including the development of educational materials.

The mission of the Office of Citizenship is to provide federal leadership, tools, and resources to proactively foster civic integration. To facilitate this process, the Office of Citizenship engages and supports partners to welcome immigrants; promote English language learning and education on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship; and encourage U.S. citizenship. The work of the Office of Citizenship is focused on three specific areas:

  • Providing immigrants with opportunities and tools to become vested citizens 
  • Building community capacity to prepare immigrants for citizenship
  • Promoting dialogue and collaboration on civic integration and raising awareness of its importance to society

To learn more about the tools and resources that Office of Citizenship provides, visit the Citizenship Resource Center

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